Monday , September 27 2021

Offer savings certificates with a 15% yield to Banque Misr and Al-Ahly Bank .. A source reveals the truth

Years ago, there were several savings certificates offered by the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, but they no longer exist. They are characterized by a high return and 15%, which is the highest return on investment. certificates during this period.

News spread on social media and several websites claiming that Al-Ahly and Egypt Banks again offered these certificates with the same statement, which caused a state of controversy among the citizens interested in this matter.

And, in contact with a bank source, he confirmed that what is circulating in this regard has no basis and are only rumors Public bank interest rates are stable at the same levels today and there are no 15% certificates of return.

The source said the biggest certificates available now in terms of profitability are Banque Misr’s Summit Certificate with a fixed interest rate of 11% for a period of 3 years with a monthly payment cycle and the certificate Platinum de The National Bank, which has a period of 3 years, with an interest rate of 11%, and a monthly payment period.

The source noted that there are a number of certificates with a return close to 11% in other banks, but they are private and non-governmental, such as Med Bank, which offers a three-year certificate with an interest rate of 11, 25% monthly.

He concluded that the Central Bank will announce an interest rate adjustment on August 5 and there are expectations of the possibility of setting interest rates at the same current levels and, whatever the decision, banks will not re-issue certificates with an interest rate of 15%. .

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