Monday , September 26 2022

Oohm the money tree .. Place the quorum that asks to use the funds


The General Department of Money Laundering in the public sector managed to arrest someone for the allocation of money from more citizens under the pronunciation of employment.

The general administration of public money queries in the central delta received a message from Abdelhamid Sf and another 6 people who were in the Cairo governor's office and was hired by the Social Services Association, Al-Gharbiia was sentenced to four years to cheat the applicants and seized them a total of 1,930,000 LE in order to hire them in the field of textile imports in return for profit. He refused to refund the amount collected by the applicants.

After legalizing the proceedings, he was arrested and confronted with the fact that he had acknowledged the incident and promised to recover the amounts confiscated by the applicants, and the necessary measures had been taken in connection with the incident.

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