Tuesday , September 27 2022

Our focus is intense … there is a strong desire to overcome the UAE connection


Mohamed Iousuf, general coach and acting director general of the Al Ahli football team, said that the coach of the first team, Patrice Cartieron, wanted to follow several recent matches of the Al Wasl team to identify their strengths and weaknesses before facing the teams.

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Al-Ahli will meet Al-Wasl in the UAE on November 22 in the 16th round of the Zaed Club Cup.

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Iousef added to the club's website that the coach saw many matches for the opposing team, and was a strong focus on everyone's part, in order to achieve a good result that led the team into the quarter-finals of the tournament.

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He pointed out that there is a strong desire of players to overcome the obstacle of the UAE champions and qualify for the next round in order to continue the journey in the championship.

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