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Plastic coil shape and detailed information


Plastic coil is one of the most important and effective methods of contraception And detailed information about it.

Plastic coil

It is a form of IUU, an intrauterine device that acts as a contraceptive device and helps release some hormones that prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Contraceptive methods are common in mothers with children and do not want to have another child for a long time.

Using this intrauterine device may increase the risk of pelvic infection, and before you use it, consult a medical practitioner, and intrauterine devices can be placed within 20 hours of sexual contact.

Forms of plastic solenoids

There are two types of plastic windings: copper coil and spiral screw. Four brands are available on the market: ParaGard, copper screw, Mirena, Liletta and Skilla, which are progesterone hormones.

Copper coil

Copper coil works on the disorders of sperm to eggs, which leads to the death of spermatozoa, fertilization of eggs does not appear and has been working for ten years.

Hormonal spiral

The hormone spiral works to reduce the uterine lining in order to prevent the transmission of spermatozoa to the tuberculosis tube in which fertilization occurs, and progestin released into the cervix can prevent ovulation and type of Mirana type winding up to five years and contains Skyl and Liletta A lower dose of progestins, which slow down the growth of endometrium and can last up to three years.

How to insert a coil

For the first insertion of the spiral, the doctor will check the health of the vagina, and then insert some medical equipment is the endoscope in the vagina, as well as the insertion of the cervix from the cervix and the mouth of the uterus, and this procedure is simple and lasts only five minutes and incorporate with or without local anesthesia and may some kind of spasm or discomfort is felt and no specific instructions are needed for the menstrual cycle.

The doctor should consult in order to avoid the risk of breast cancer or in the case of diabetes should not recommend the use of intrauterine IUD because it can alter hormones in the womb and may not be an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

In the first months of installation, the conductor must be checked in place. In order to check for a bandage, the following will be done:
– Wash hands with soap and water.
– Put one of the fingers in the vagina until you touch the cervix and feel the thread, and if the chain feels it is shorter or longer than normal, it may be a problem and must be scheduled for a doctor.

How effective plastic winding is

Both types are more effective in preventing pregnancy up to 99 percent. Plastic bandage is one of the most effective forms of contraception and is one of the most sought after forms of birth control in the range of 3 to 10 years.

What are the benefits of the spiral?

The screwdriver has many advantages:
– Effectiveness.
– It's used a long time.
– Can be used safely in the baby.
– It can be removed after removal easily.
– It is an asset that is not financially expensive and no additional costs are paid for a period of 3 to 10 years.
– Some types of hormonal IUDs such as Mirena, Liletha and Skilla can help alleviate menstrual pain, long bleeding periods, and endometriosis pain

What are plastic winding failures

As with any method of contraception there are advantages and disadvantages and defects of plastic spirals include:
Do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
– Copper coil can cause increased bleeding and contractions during the menstrual cycle.

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