Sunday , May 9 2021

Publishing the results of the election cycle of the secretary of the Student Union Committee and their assistants at Sohag University

Dr. Ahmed Aziz, President of the Sohag University, announced the completion of the selection round of commissioners at faculties and their assistants, where 210 students from all faculties were elected to represent secretary and assistant secretary of seven boards, 30 students in each board, sports, art, cultural and mobile . , Public service, families, social and passports, and Scientific and Technical Commission.

Dr Safa Mahmoud Al-Saied, vice president for education and student affairs, said today's elections were witnesses of fierce and candid competition among candidates in 15 colleges who were running for 14 seats for the selection of secretaries and their assistants in each college.

Stressing that he will hold elections on Wednesday for the election of the President of the Union and his assistant at the college level.

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