Wednesday , October 27 2021

Questions and answers. Is Al-Ahly considering leaving Musimani after the storm of losing the Super?


A state of intense resentment dominates Al-Ahly club fans and officials after losing the local super title yesterday with a round of penalties from Tala’a El-Jaish after losing the Premier League title this season, amid a state of controversy, tension and attraction for Musimani’s departure or his continuation with the red team in the next stage, especially The team is preparing to complete the Egypt Cup competition amid the ambition of win the title to save face.

What is the position of the Al-Ahly administration regarding the loss of the local super?

The leaders of the Al-Ahly club decided to deduct three hundred thousand pounds from each first team player, and a similar deduction from the football director and all members of the technical staff, depending on the constants of the club and the light of the great support provided to the first team football system to achieve the ambitions of Al-Ahly and his fans.

The leaders of the Al-Ahly club also decided to deduct a percentage of the rest of the administrative and medical staff according to their salaries, after the team’s performance in the super game on Tuesday evening, which was not at all proportional to the great technical abilities that these players possessed and their technical, administrative and medical staff.

Al-Ahly officials also decided to take some other steps in the same direction until each element again provides the return the club and its fans deserve.

What is the Al-Ahly administration’s reaction to Musimani’s poor performance in the Super?

Al-Ahly Club Planning Committee officials decided to hold a session with Pitso Musimani, the technical director, to discuss the poor level shown by Al-Ahly in the last Egyptian match against the army vanguards, that the red team lost. , and know the reasons that prevented Al-Ahly from appearing at a good level over the course of 120 minutes.

Will Musimani make changes to the team’s formation in the next period?

Al-Ahly technical director Pitso Musimani intends to adjust the formation of the red team to correct the situation after the loss of the Egyptian super title against the vanguards of the army, especially after the appearance of several players at an unsatisfactory level throughout the match and their inability to seize the opportunity or convince the technical staff, where Al-Ahly meets with Enppi next Saturday in the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup, where the red team continues in its closed field in Alexandria, until it plays the game of Enppi before returning to Cairo.

Musimani plans to give the opportunity to several new players, either new contracts or return on loan, so that they have the opportunity to participate in the main during the next matches or to have a bigger role with the red team.

What did Musimani do with his players to prepare for the cup?

Al-Ahly’s technical team closed the file of the local super match against the vanguards of the army, which was held on Tuesday at the Burj Al Arab stadium and the technical staff of the Red Genie began to think in Enppi’s match in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, which will be held next Saturday in Alexandria.

Musimani, Al-Ahly’s coach, asked the team’s players to close the Super file with all its pros and cons, and began to focus on Enppi’s match in the Egyptian Cup. in which the Red Genie wants to win to continue the journey towards preserving the Egyptian Cup title.

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