Saturday , November 27 2021

Re-closure of the Accused in the murder of two young men in the attack on the Mu & # 39; temedia with automatic weapons


A judge in the Northern Giza Court of Appeal on Sunday sentenced a mechanic and an unemployed man to 15 days in detention on charges of killing his son's owner and a gas seller with a cylinder after firing at a café in Kerda.

The Accused admitted in the prosecution's investigation into the incident that financial disputes between the main defendant and the first victim had led to the request of the other defendant, where he used the presence of his opponent in his father's tavern in the Mu'madidiya area.

The two indictees said one of the blows struck a gas seller who was in a coffee shop, but was not a target. They said firearms were held by three machine guns, one of which was used to commit the crime.

A Kerdas police station received a report on the killing of two people for shooting in the Mu & # 39; tamdiiah area. Colonel Mohammed Abu Zaid, deputy chief of the investigative department north of October, moved to the scene of an accident, and the inspection revealed that he was the son of the owner of the cafe, As a result of the shooting with an automatic weapon.

A survey led by Brigadier General Assem Abu al-Khair, the head of the October investigation, found that the son of the owner of the cafe "Saied.H" had financial disagreements with a person named Karim N. Before the incident, there was an interference between them. The reconciliation session for them was concluded by mutual agreement.

The investigation by Lieutenant Samir Samir Samir, the head of the police station in Kerdas, confirmed that the accused "Karim" decided to strike against his son's owner against the attack on him while one of the men drove a motorcycle, shot the son of the owner of the cafe and killed Mr. A gas cylinder called "Zizo" with a live bullet.

Under the supervision of General Medhak Fares, chief of the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza, the main suspect was arrested after the crime, and then another fugitive was executed, and lieutenant colonel Islam Islam Samir, head of the Karadash Research Department, Including weapons with a criminal offense, and a series of unlicensed footage .

Major General Mustafa Shehata, Assistant Interior Minister, Director General Giza Securiti, Major General Al-Omda, Director of the General Investigation Department, informed the prosecution.

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