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Saudi News Today, more than 39,000 diabetes patients have been diagnosed in Jizan


Saudi News Saudi News Today more than 39,000 people with diabetes in Jizan Source: Saudi News – Home News with more than 39,000 patients with diabetes in Jizan:

Health news in Jazan revealed that the number of people with diabetes was estimated by 39,000 patients in the region and in the year 1439 e.

Dr. Mohammed Hakami, coordinator of the National Diabetes Control Program in Jizan, said that total awareness and early detection activities in the past year, 1439 AH were 397, with a total of 17,371 users divided between World Diabetes Day, your health campaign in Ramadan, Diabetes.

For his part, dr. Abdul Rahman Hamdi, a supervisor of the Center for Diabetes in Jazan Health, says the number of patients in the region is up to 39,000 diabetes patients in Jizan, according to statistics recorded for 1439 AD and that patients increase unless they are early detection and nutrition and regular sports.

He added that diabetes comes in two types, the first type being caused by the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells due to the presence of antibodies, and the second type is expanding and represents about 90-95% ؜ patients with diabetes, and is characterized by a partial decrease in insulin monitored By not responding to insulin cores and resistance to the role, there are many reasons that can lead to Type II diabetes, such as obesity and aging, and eating calorie-rich foods and inheritance and other causes, and that Type I diabetes is dependent on insulin, while the second type u pri Marine Stages Reacts to love B, but at the last stage it can require the patient to inject insulin.

The diagnosis of diabetes depends on the blood glucose level and is greater than or equal to 126 mg or a cumulative sugar equal to or higher than 6.50, or a sugar after eating two hours for an incompetent, random blood rate of more than 200, and the sugar has many complications Body , including renal impairment "kidney damage" and has eye and retinal effects and nervous effects, as well as the effects on cardiac and nervous system.

Diabetes is characterized by a high rate of diabetes, "glucose" in the blood as a result of incomplete or partial loss of insulin secretion or hormone insulin resistance.

The Center for Diabetes has a conscious, cultural and therapeutic role for patients and reviewers as well as community training for reasons that prevent the onset of illness through diet and regular sports, as well as the role in the treatment of diabetes and the treatment of complications and prevention of obesity and access to ideal weight.

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