Monday , April 12 2021

Sherry Adel’s first comment, after surgery yesterday, is private

Superstar Sherry Adel confirmed in a special statement to “Eco of the Country” that she had undergone a precise operation successfully in the last few hours and is still in hospital.

Sherry Adel added, “Praise be to God, I did the operation, but I was a little tired and natural, and I reassure all my fans that I’m fine.”

And he concluded, “The process was a bit difficult, but praise be to God, my condition will improve and I ask my followers to pray for me to complete my recovery well.”

Sherry Adel, had surpassed Google search indicators in the last few hours, after undergoing delicate surgery.

It should be noted that Sherry Adel’s latest work is the story of “a personal affair” from the series “Ella Ana” and co-starring Nihal Anbar, Ihab Fahmy, Mido Adel, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Moataz Ihab, written by Omar Abdel Halim, directed by Mahmoud Kamel, while absent from cinema since 2017 His last work was the film “Where is my heart” with Mustafa Amar, directed by Ihab Rady.

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