Saturday , June 19 2021

Sitting on the floor has health benefits … prolonging life and strengthening muscles, above all

Staying on the floor may not be comfortable, especially when compared to the relative comfort of a chair, but a simple practice is ideal for longevity, according to a study of the world’s longest-lived residents..

Wolfa waited Good + Good Says Dan Buettner, founder Blue Zones People living in Okinawa, Japan, keep home furniture to a minimum, so they naturally sit on the floor and say the health benefits are clear: “The longest-lived women in the history of the world have lived in Okinawa, and I know from my personal experience that they were sitting on the floor, I spent two days with a 103-year-old woman and saw her get up and get up from the floor 30 or 40 times, doing 30 or 40 occupations in the day.. “


Some researchers would not be surprised to learn that a woman who has been able to stop repeatedly from a sitting position on the floor has lived (at least) 102 years, claiming that her ability to stand up and squatting without using any of your limbs (known as sitting test) is a sign of good longevity.

A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology indicates that people who were least able to complete this movement were five to six times more likely to die than those who were more able to complete the task..

The study confirmed that fitness is closely related to survival, but our study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength, strength-to-weight ratio and coordination is not only good for daily activities, but also it also has a positive result. effect on life expectancy.

He indicated that moving from a sitting position to the floor to a position, several times a day, strengthens the core muscles and works the balance, which can improve and expand your musculoskeletal fitness and your ability to move, and also can help prevent one of the leading causes of death related to unwanted injuries for those over 65 is another great advantage of sitting and leaning on the floor with relative ease. sign of general skeletal health and muscle balance.

The study showed that many of us have been sitting for a long time, and in less-than-likely work environments, getting out of the chair and crouching on the floor can help realign the body, center the seat bones, and improve strength, natural flexibility and general mobility.

If you are involved in sitting on the floor, it is important to pay attention to your posture, avoid bending over, as pressure and low back pain can increase and be sure to keep the weight centered around the hips to reduce the pressure. on the ankles and feet is the best way to sit on the floor to achieve alignment. Ideally, sit on a pillow, the edge of a folded blanket or a soft foam ball. This helps to slightly elevate the hips for better alignment.

The key to longevity, staying supple, soft, and maintaining a healthy body is to create continuous changes in posture throughout the day. Sitting on the floor and squatting periodically long and deep is a great way to increase circulation, blood flow, energy, increase flexibility and range of motion, create space and create a deeper awareness of your body while you it helps to feel the ground.

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