Friday , May 14 2021

Soon … Electricity cures for many diseases!

The "Independent" newspaper, which scientists and doctors are currently working on developing treatments for various diseases that use electricity as a means to overcome diseases and health problems that have been suffered by people, based on understanding the way in which the human body functions.

These scientists say that all processes carried out by the human body rely on electrical signals transmitted through the nervous system to make decisions and carry out important biological processes, that the brain is the center of action of these electrical signals, which means that it can be controlled by electricity and signals. Similarly, according to a newspaper report, which saw "Arab.Net".

According to this survey and operations, the Independent newspaper concluded that the electricity will soon be the cure for many diseases and health problems of people, where electricity in the near future could become a cure for many diseases after doctors can use and properly apply it to the human body After I can send electrical signals through the nervous system in the body.

Scientists say that electrical signals circulating within the human body are very important, as many things in the body dominate, the effects of wounds and injuries to the person, to any part of the nervous system, which can lead to a person complete paralysis.

According to researchers currently conducting research, electricity can be a cure for paralysis and illness that results in subsequent injuries and injuries, stressing that injuries that lead to spinal problems can currently suffer about 2.5 million people worldwide and recorded about 130,000 cases New ones annually, and those who can benefit from this new technology, if they are achieved.

"If we can find the way to read and write electrical signals, which means understanding the language of the nervous system in the body, it means that the human body will have a digital interface, in which case we can make the device in the patient's body that controls the signals. This way, such as spinal cord injuries that cause total or partial inability of a person.

Of course, scientists believe that if successful, the technique will not stop the spinal cord, but will spread to many healthcare problems that can be cured, including signaling the pancreas to produce more insulin, which means overcoming diabetes. Totally. Apart from issuing a warrant to the heart to reduce impulses without the need for tablets and traditional medications, as well as controlling many body functions that face occasional imbalances.

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