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"Stanovanje" published the names of the protesters until the ninth day of October 6 … Masrava

"Stanovanje" publishes the names of the two detainees in the ninth statement on 6 October

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

May Abdul Hamid, executive president of the Social Housing Fund and Mortgage Finance, posted good news for the 9th of October on a social housing program for low-income people, published on October 9th, by publishing the names of detainees inside and outside of the priority. In line with the priorities adopted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers & ndash; On Monday, on the official website of the Fund via

She pointed out that the total number of applicants on October 6 for the ninth declaration did not recover the seriousness of the reservation so far, there are 45,840 citizens available in relation to the number of 23300 housing units. The priority of the announced to the citizens was completed in accordance with the mechanism envisaged by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers BiH, the other is married, and finally single, with the priority given to the youngest of each group. In the case of an equal age, the priority of the most favorite family is given in the light of the data recorded by the Citizens' Web site points Fund E-official during the period of opening the reservation.

Abdul Hamid stressed that the declared priority number for each citizen is not final and can change if any of the data provided by citizens registered on the official web site of the Fund, who followed their knowledge, showing the social situation and the number of family members, Value of income and disability, In this case, it can be deducted as a result of field research or loan to a financier. Therefore, these results point to a sequence of priorities for starting to address citizens' demands.

According to the executive director of the Social Housing Fund and the Social Housing Fund, housing units will be allocated according to the results of the field and loan claims in 2019 within the priorities, explaining that two detainees who have become out of the priority of the available units are completely free to choose between a serious refund Or continue with the same ad, but the reservation terms for the tenth statement, provided that the housing unit is received after 30 months from the date of publication.

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