Wednesday , October 5 2022

Syrian accuses health workers of using eggs and sets a record against him


A Syrian citizen of a merchant and shipping company issued an appeal on Friday against an employee of the Abshvai health care department, his wife and mothers, and charged him with major suspicions of allegedly investing in medical and aromatic notes for both monthly and annual profits.

May Gen Gen Khaled Shalabi, director of Faioum Securiti, received a notice from Center Abshvai's director for publishing Abdel Raouf D (61) and resident Cairo Nasr Citi (38), his wife Najlaa (38 years old housewife), her mother Nafisa Aa (55 years old housewife) and all who live in the Abogany Abshvai Center).

($ 279 thousand) for allegedly investing in medicinal and aromatic herbs called Haiat International for import and export in exchange for variable monthly or annual interest. However, they did not make a payment and promised to receive the amount of money received by Bank transfers) before the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The first indictee was caught in recognition of the existence of commercial transactions with the amount of 2015 in the sale of medicinal and aromatic herbs that refused to carry out the incident on him and committed to do so before the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Criminal Investigation Service was tasked with investigating the incident, circumstances and circumstances, and the arrest of fugitives. Minutes no. 15956 violated the crimes of the police station Abshvai.

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