Tuesday , March 2 2021

Taking supplements starts with anxiety and ends with cancer. A new episode of Walid Clinic

The new episode of the Walid Clinic program, broadcast on Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV and presented by fellow Walid Abdel Salam, reveals that excessive intake of nutritional supplements causes many diseases that start with anxiety and end with cancer.

The Walid Clinic program treats the harms of nutritional supplements, as some studies have shown that excessive intake of nutritional supplements has many serious side effects on human health, as it increases the risk of developing malignancies because they contain chemicals that they can cause toxins to build up in the body..

The episode says: Excessive intake of the supplement above the required limit causes various health problems, including allergies, the appearance of red spots on the skin, in addition to permanent headaches, intense abdominal pain, oppression in the rib cage and difficulty breathing..

He explained that nutritional supplements also lead to heart disease, as the blood does not reach the heart in the amount needed for the heart to function properly, and this is due to the accumulation of chemicals in the arteries of the heart due to taking these supplements in large proportion, and excessive intake causes the arteries to clog. Due to the accumulation of toxins caused by chemicals in the blood, which are then collected between the veins, which makes it difficult for blood to reach the heart in a proper way, thus causing heart failure and increasing the risk. of heart attacks..

Eating food supplements in abundance also causes psychological illnesses like anxiety and psychological stress and therefore increase the proportion of energy within the body as it has a negative effect on the kidney system, which is due to to the presence of keratin in these supplements, and this substance works to destroy kidney cells. And his inability to perform his duties properly.

Nutritional supplements and excessive intake of them cause impotence as they reduce the level of the hormone testosterone and the problem can also be aggravated until the impotence phase..

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