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The death of artist Shawki Tantawi known as "Mutawa Fattis"


11:27 p

Thursday 18th of July

I wrote: Manal al-Jawushi:

He left our world today, artist Shawki Tantawi, at the age of 66.

"To stay for God, Shawki Tantawi has grown from the most faithful to age 50, and today, with deep pain and grief, I thank you, your family and your audience," said Mohammed Sobhy, the last artist on your Facebook page.

"My student, my brother, my friend, my colleague and my assistant left me and they marched me. He came to me as a high school student in 1969 to participate in the Hamlet program and until Moment I've been with the band ".

"I was a committed artist, a good father for his family, my dear friend lost you and I do not know what it will be like when I lose the most expensive people," he added: "Fifty years ago, when he was a friend and faithful, I did not find on my journey as you a faithful and faithful.

"You will be a good example of my life and my art. You are a big part of the actor's study. I pray you with mercy and forgiveness and for patience and consolation familiar. You will remain in my heart in my heart, as I have told you many times. "

Shawky Tantawi, born May 13, 1953, has important works, mainly with the great artist Mohamed Sobhi.

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