Monday , September 27 2021

The last of them is Dalal Abdel Aziz .. Rumors about the death of artists, who is behind it?

Fake social media accounts are behind the spread of rumors haunting celebrities, as well as accounts and YouTube channels for ordinary people, which try to increase the number of followers and therefore fame, ads or media appearances.

The spread of such rumors is due to the lack of control over the chaos of “social networks”, which imposes the need to intervene to establish regulations and laws to hold those who spread lies.

In the context of the “chaos of rumors”, the pioneers of the social networking site circulated during the last hours, the rumor of the death of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, after his trip with the disease as a result of the his infection with the Crown virus, which prompted the media, Rami Radwan, to deny what was reported on some websites about his death, saying in press statements: “It’s just a rumor.”

The ghost of the rumors also reached the artist Badriya Tolba, where the pioneers of the media circulated on Thursday the news of the death of the artist after a traffic accident, which motivated Badria to respond to this rumor through his account on The website “Instagram” and Badria posted a video in which he said: All loved ones who called me, I’m fine, praise God, I’m fine, and God is enough for me, and he is the best agent in the world rumors.

The rumor of recent years has spread to the artist, Adel Imam, who made director Rami Imam deny the death of his father many times.

The rumor of the death of artists was not only limited to Egypt, but also affected other artists such as Kazem El-Saher, as some discussed the death of the Iraqi artist in an accident while he was in a European country, while others said he died after eating a poisoned food.

Al-Saher came out and denied the rumor of his death through his Facebook account, where he posted a clip of one of his songs and wrote, “My dear and I also rebelled. , rebellious, distinguished and passionately in love, and our life is renewed “.

Yusra was the victim of the rumor of death, as the rumor of her death spread, which provoked a heart attack on her mother after hearing the news, only to discover that it was just a rumor.

union action تحرك

The Actors Union has a consistent and well-known position on such rumors and has moved decisively more than once in this field and Ashraf Zaki, head of the Union of Representative Professions in Egypt, confirmed that these rumors are absurd. and offensive at the same time, and it was said in previous statements, that promoters like These rumors have no morals and are inhumane, because some artists are already in critical health and therefore when they read these rumors, they develop a bad state psychological that can affect your health.

For his part, art critic Mohamed Abdel Rahman said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”: “The rumor of the death of an artist is one of the easiest types of rumors to spread and this can be attribute to two reasons, one of which is intentionality, as if there were a person or entity that wants to harm this artist and cause tensions that affect his work or spoil his work, and the other is coincidence, as the names are similar between artists and others., as happened in the incident of the artist, Wafaa Amer, who published a post about the death of a friend of his named Muhammad Al-Saadani. “

Abdel Rahman added: “The artist, Adel Imam, and the artist, Sabah, have always been the focus of these rumors, the aim of which is to make just a fuss or confuse the name of a big star.” .

He continued, “The state of health of artists, especially during the treatment period, facilitates the spread of the rumor of their death, given the great attention paid to them by the public and monitoring the evolution of the health situation.” .

Regarding the resolution of rumors, Abdel Rahman said: “The solution to this problem is in the hands of the public, so you should not regret any artist until after the verification, and the competent authorities should play their role in this field by developing his pages through social media and responding quickly to these rumors, art and film unions.And the musician publishes the news of the death after it was broadcast in the newspapers and verified.

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