Wednesday , October 27 2021

The Narrative Forum analyzes the concerns of the Arab world through “Crown bats”


The Arab Narrative Forum held a signing and debate ceremony for the novel (Crown Bats) by Iraqi novelist Dr. Ibrahim Rasoul. The night was titled Literature with a taste of Arabism.

When the two sides of the novel conveyed the dreams and concerns of the Arab region, especially in the stage of the crisis of the outbreak of the Crown virus, and the challenges facing most Arab countries , especially the state of Iraq, through a review by an Iraqi doctor named Saif, who took his country’s concerns to heart and tried to reform from his own community at Al-Amal Hospital and the humanitarian cases reviewed Suffering during the Crown crisis

Dr. Hossam Akl, director of the Narrative Forum, reviews the situations and problems presented by the novel that are not faced in Iraq alone, but are similar in extent to compatibility with the regions of most Arab countries, explaining that when the writer talked about The problems of local areas of Iraq through the novel, he heard at first glance that he was talking about the problems facing the popular areas of Cairo are the same events , attitudes and the same concern that resides in the hearts of the peoples of all countries. Arab regions.

Aqel also indicated that the writer infiltrated the depths of the Iraqi citizen through the character of Saif and the dream he seeks, but it seems to him a nightmare that tears away all his dreams in search of the new day. Evolution for the better.

At the end of the cover of his novel, the author mentioned a saying of the Roman philosopher Celica when he said (when you are in the midst of the forces of evil, it is too late to pay attention)

Critic Nihal al-Qawsini also commented on the novel as one of the best books I have read, in a style of in-depth narration on the subject of the Crown crisis in particular and the resulting crises in the Arab community and the role of the international community towards the Arab region. The meeting was moderated by writer and writer Azza Ezz El-Din in the presence of a group of people interested in the culture of the Arab world.

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