Monday , September 27 2021

The PES series eFootball is now available and will be available for free

Japanese publisher Konami has announced the brand change of the popular Pro Evolution Soccer series to eFootball, which is now a digital-only game that will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC this fall, with versions made for iOS and Android smartphones. There are no comments for the Nintendo Switch version yet.

This winter, all versions of the game from the aforementioned devices will have the experience of a shared game even on devices with smartphones; their owners will need to use consoles to play against home device and PC owners.

This is a big step for the football franchise, which is now called eFootball worldwide instead of PES, and which was matched by a change from Konami’s FOAM engine to a new engine, Unreal 4.

Crucially, it looks like all versions of the game, from next-generation home devices to mobile devices, will be the same as functionally, which probably means that the success of the PES Mobile game will be removed or replaced.

Speaking to IGN, series producer Seitaro Kimura explained that eFootball aims to take a whole new approach with regular updates and that there will be no paid annual eFootball releases, but the platform will receive free annual updates for the new seasons .

EFootball will be launched with exhibition matches and it looks like you can see a selection of 9 clubs to play with via the following roadmap. The company has confirmed that the game will offer other game modes in the form of additional and optional content, which will apparently allow players to pay for what they want from their game.

Konami did not mention the MyClub mode, which is the game mode that simulates FIFA Ultimate Team, nor did he even talk about a mode or Master League and the possibility of its presence or not within the new game.

We still don’t get a little misunderstood how to add new equipment to the game and no exact details of how eFootball modes work have been revealed, but we believe all of these details will be revealed later. However, Konami reveals that the game is designed to be “fair and balanced” for all players, despite its transition to a free-to-play model that will apparently include releases similar to season passes or this time will be match passes. .

While much of the eFootball approach has shifted from PES, IGN can confirm that two articles are back, as Peter Drury and Jim Beglin will continue as English commentators, as well as option files that allow players to customize a much of the game, including non-teams. Although post-release support was added, we are still unclear how it will be implemented or whether it will hit Xbox platforms for the first time.

EFootball will launch as a lightweight experience, with more gaming styles, teams, platforms and cross-game options as the year progresses. Below is the current Konami roadmap:

The switch to a new engine also allowed eFootball to add a new motion-matching animation system, which Konami says allows four times the number of animations seen in previous PES games, and doesn’t look very different. in the recently announced HyperMotion animation system. From FIFA, however, Konami notes that Motion Matching will apply to all versions of the game, even mobile.

Konami says it will announce more information on online game modes and eFootball modes in late August, putting it into Gamescom 2021 game. If you’re curious to know more now, you’re in luck, as we have more details of the next game with the product of the series.

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