Wednesday , March 3 2021

The ungrateful father … killed his son in a horrible way and used that weapon in the crime

The detective from Mansoura police station in Dakahlia managed to uncover the mystery of finding a child who was sacrificed the day after his disappearance, as it was found that his father was the one who killed him with a medical pad and , with his control, claimed that he suffered from excessive electricity in his brain and that he killed him to have pity on him for his suffering.

As the Dakahlia security directorate received a notification from the Mansoura police station, it claimed that people from the village of Depo Awam in the center found the body of a sacrificed child lying on the village bridge.

And when investigating officers led by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tawfiq, head of the investigation department, moved to the communications site, it became clear that the body was that of a 14-year-old boy named Adham Mahmoud Abdel Azim. , from the village of Tanah, affiliated to the center, and who has been absent from the day and his family has been looking for him.

While the body was being transferred to the morgue of Mansoura International Hospital, pending the actions of the prosecution The report was released from this fact, which is actually necessary and, in referring to the prosecution, ordered the assignment of forensic medicine to perform the autopsy.

And when forming a research team, it was found that the surveillance cameras were emptied in the area where the child lived, it was found that the last person with whom the child was present was his father, who works in real estate marketing, controlling and confronting it. So he wanted to relieve him of the disease, so he went to a pharmacy, bought a medical towel, grabbed his son and killed him until he died.

With his guidance, the boy’s shoes were also found on agricultural land for medical bodies. “The necessary report was published on this fact and notified to the prosecution.

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