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The witnesses say "Masrawy" moments of horror on a fire "Gardens of the church



Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Books: Tarek Samir and Mahmoud Al-Shorbagi:

Photo: Ahmed Jomaa

Video: Omar Hisham

As soon as the clock arrived for the twelfth Wednesday morning, "Mena Farah" was surprised by the tall flames of the last person in the Santa Paula Church in the dome gardens, he only He frightened, running with his friends to the source of the fire. Hosina is hell ".

The eyes of the children of the Church and the people of the region were still trapped in the ascending languages, and they remained in their places without attempting to quench the fire. A face-to-face witness says to my friends.

In a few steps, many young people went to the church door and entered, they took Mikhail and then suffered five workers, who returned very far from the church and saw the walls eroded by the intensity of the flame. .

"No one responded to the call of man because of its difficulty in the languages ​​and smoke of the fire, until they heard the voices of" Sarina "of firemen. About 30 minutes after the fire, according to Mahmoud Hussein, a eyewitness

10 firefighters stacked along the church road and civil protection men began to equip their hoses and stairs in just a few minutes to control the fire. They climbed the stairs, opened the water locks and began to point them to the intense fire torches and around them as security guards imposed by the security forces, to prevent anyone from entering the fire

Cars did not meet the needs only, but they resorted to three strategic tanks to help them finish the fire. After an hour and a half to treat it, it was extinguished, and then the cooling phase began until it was finally controlled.

The church of St. Paula consists of 3 floors on the ground floor, the first one is the library, the second one is the children's home, the third one is a house full of wood and "carpets." Rifaat Aziz, vacillating in the church, says that there was a short circuit in one of the air. Wood and "carpets" have stimulated the fire to increase its density.

He supported the talk "Refa", a security source, which refused to appoint, to Masrawy, saying: "Electric diamonds are the cause of fire and there is no criminal suspect" .

During the fire operation, several security leaders and general Khaled Abdel-Aal, governor of Cairo, were present to control the fire.

The governor and security leaders visited the area to find out the causes of the incident.

A team from the Fiscal Ministry went to inspect the site of the fire and ordered the men of the criminal laboratory to examine the effects of the fire and determine its causes.

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