Thursday , January 27 2022

30 Chinese runners will take part in the Great etiopian race – Xinhua


ADDIS ABABA, November 7 (Xinhua) – The biggest annual race in Africa, the Great Ethiopian Race (GER) is expected to attract 30 Chinese runners, the Ethiopian official said on Wednesday.

Ermias Aiele, head of the GER race, told Xinhua that 30 Chinese participants are expected to attend the 10km race that will be held on November 18th.

"GER worked with the office of Ethiopian Airlines in Beijing to attract Chinese tourists to participate in the road race, and partnered with the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) to publish the GER at prestigious Chinese athletic events such as the Beijing and Shanghai marathon," said is Aiele.

The East African country attracted 45,307 Chinese tourists in 2017, a trend that the Ethiopian government expects to grow in the coming years.

Aiele also expects 500 international participants from 26 countries and regions, out of a total of 47,500 runners at an athletic event.

10km GER opened in 2001 Ethiopian racing legend Haile Gebreselassie as part of his efforts to turn from elite sports to a hobby for the masses.

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