Thursday , May 13 2021

BMV introduced its new 330e plug-in hybrid with the function "KstraBoost"

BMV has revealed details of the new 330e plug-in hybrid version of its popular Sedan Serial 3 Series. The new hybrid sedan also includes the latest generation of BMV eDrive Combined 4-cylinder internal combustion engine technology, as well as an improved electric drive for hybrid drives.

In addition to a multitude of upgrades, BMV has managed to increase the electric range of only the new BMV 330e sedan compared to the previous model by 50 percent. Now it's possible to cover a distance of up to 37 miles just for the battery.

The plug-in hybrid system consists of a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gas output of 135 kV / 184 hp and an electric motor that generates a continuous output of 50 kV / 68 hp and a maximum output of 80 kV / 109 hp. In addition, fuel consumption and emissions have been reduced by more than 10% compared to their predecessors.

The new 330e includes software that controls the interaction between the electric motor and the combustion engine. The control of the electric drive works to increase the efficiency and creates a special shape of the driving dynamics associated with the BMV brand.

The engine and electric motor generate system power of 185 kV / 252 hp with a maximum torque of 310 ft lbs. As a result, the new BMV 330e Sedan accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 6.0 seconds.

The maximum speed of 330e is 143 mph.

In "HIBRID" mode, the new 330e is capable of reaching a speed of 69 miles per hour using only an electric motor – 18 miles based on the speed of the previous model. In the "ELECTRIC" mode, only a speed of up to 87 km / h is possible, as long as it produces zero emissions.

BMV KstraBoost

Amongst the most significant standard features is KstraBoost, which temporarily increases the output of the 185 kV / 252 KS hybrid drive system with an additional increase of up to 30 kV / 41 hp. For the first time, this feature is available.

KstraBoost is a standard feature of the 330e model. This gives the car a high level of dynamic performance that BMV drivers expect from the brand. To activate the system, the car includes what BMV calls the "travel switch" used to activate the "SPORT mode". The electric motor with KstraBoost temporarily provides up to 30 kV additional battery power along with 41 additional power from the electric vehicle engine.

BMV claims that this system is more suited to the drive characteristics available on the standard BMV 3-Series limousine. The extra KstraBoost makes a more intense acceleration experience than in conventional-powered vehicles with comparable engine output.

The KstraBoost function can be used up to a minimum charge of a high-voltage battery.

Also, for the first time in the BMV hybrid model, we set the curve of the accelerator pedal to offer maximum acceleration using a specific shift program adapted for the 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

The electric motor 330e is integrated into the 8-speed Steptronic gearbox to save space. Thanks to its compact design, BMV says the hybrid transmission is only 15 millimeters longer than the corresponding versions for the conventional models of the new BMV Series 3.

To boost battery life and increase efficiency, the hybrid 330e includes regenerative braking, where the electric motor assumes the function of the generator when braking. Electricity produced by regenerative braking also serves to power the vehicle's electrical equipment. This means that no belt generator or alternator attached to the combustion engine is required anymore, which increases the efficiency of the whole system.

Bmv engineers have been designed for a high-voltage battery in the new 330e, which is placed under the rear seat, while the fuel tank is above the rear axle. This means the space in the boot is not much compromised to make room for the battery. The additional space is achieved by a folding rear seat with a 40: 20: 40 split.

In addition to the standard version of the car, the BMV 330e also comes in variants of the Advantage, Sport Line, Lukuri Line and M Sport models. The car can be fitted with an Adaptive M suspension that adds a variable sports steering wheel and a M Sports Brake System.

For safety, the 330e includes a range of security systems ranging from the Driving Assistant Professional to the control system and the assistant parking assist control system, including the reverse assistant.

The optional characteristics of the hybrid 330e include a pedestrian protection function. The system uses sensors to see vehicles or people in front of the vehicle. If they are too close, a warning appears. If the driver does not respond in time, the system will activate the necessary braking.

By the time it launches in the summer of 2019, BMV has said that new digital services will be available that will make the battery battery more attractive and more economical while on the road. The navigation system will give the driver a list of surrounding EV chargers and recommend nearby hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and cultural institutions.

The availability of station charging can also be checked using the vehicle display, enabling drivers to reserve a place in front of you directly from the vehicle.

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