Sunday , May 9 2021

Derartu Tulu was elected president of the athletic federation, while Haile resigned

November 15th

The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Athletic Federation chose Derart Toulouse as president of the Ethiopian Athletic Federation at an extraordinary meeting held yesterday.

Colonel Derart Tul
Colonel Derart Tul

Derartu, who is the first woman in Africa and the first 10,000-meter etiopian Olympic champion at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, serves the federation as vice-president since November 2017.

Her presidential election came a few days after Haile Gebreselassie resigned as president of the Federation. He announced his resignation and a brief explanation of why he did it in a message with Twitter.

"I became president of EAF because I wanted to do something for my sport: Athletics is my passion, but some people have done impossible work, so it's better to leave," he wrote without giving details of what he actually did to decide to shorten the short term mandate of the federal presidency.

The fight against doping was at the top of its agenda and his administration made a tough decision last summer on some athletes.

The Federation plans to hold a general meeting within two months to appoint a President of the Federation.

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