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Detective Pikachu: What Pokemon is in the movie? FULL LIST from trailer | Movies | Fun


The comedy, which will happen next summer, will combine live action with CGI and see Ryan Reynolds who pronounce the iconic creature.

His trailer already has 12 million views on YouTube, 25 million on Facebook and 6.3 million on Twitter. That's at least 42 million views without counting unofficial uploads.

Pokemon's viewing with active re-activation is just as much and delighting and delighting fans.

So, what kind of monsters can I see?

In addition to the obvious – Pikachu – the three beginnings of the original pokemon games are present and accurate: the Bulbasavara tree is walking down the stream, charming in the open streets of the city, and Skuirtle can be seen watching the fight, as well as on the missing poster.

Charizard is another icon of the Pokemon universe, and it is visibly seen that it appears aggressively with Pikachu.

And Jigglipuff was not too happy at all because he was puzzled at the table with a microphone in the restaurant.

Psiduck takes on the reputation, following the main character of Luke, played by Kathryn Nevton.

Mr. Mime gets the whole scene, and there is also a video of the Greninja group that launches the camera.

Others, you may need to look a little closer.

On this introductory city scene, we can also make Flabebe, Fearov, Braviari, Dodrio, Bouffalant and Comfei.

Look carefully at one of the neighboring nightlife scenes and you can also see the Emolga group. It seems that Audino can be received here, and some fans think that they can make the top of Venusoora's flower.

In addition to the missing poster for Skuirtle, it is also for Pancham, and some Morelull floats Bulbasaur.

Machamp and Primeape are seen on a poster near the forest of Jigglipuff, and Rufflet seems to be in the same footage as Skuirtle. There is also a gigantic gengue on inflammation, but it remains to be seen whether it will look in the "flesh".

Also in the movie are Bill Nighi, Justice Smith, Ken Watanabe, Paul Kitson and Rita Ora.

Detective Pikachu will be released on May 11, 2019.

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