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Hailey Baldwin renames his last name to Bieber after a wedding with Justin


Hailei has become official (Picture: Ralph Petts /

If you need more evidence that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin tied the knot, here it is.

Hailei, 21, confirmed her marriage status by changing her surname to Bieber on Instagram.

She even changed her hand, guys. It's serious.

The model included the handle on @ haileibieber, and her biograph now reads: "Hailei Rhode Bieber. Hailei Rhode – IMG models all over the world."

Hailei has changed the handle on Instagram (Image: Instagram)

According to the TMZ, Hailei has previously filed a trademark registration application for Hailei Bieber so that in the future he can use the trademark for a possible clothing project.

A couple who strengthened the relationship in May after Justin sacked Selena Gomez, hired in July after Biebi collapsed a knee in the Bahamas.

They then saw that they entered the courtroom in New York on September 13th, and the reports claimed that they got married and personally marry the same day.

However, the next day, Hailei denied having married for 24-year-old pops, tweeting: "I understand where speculation comes from, but I'm not married yet."

Well, these two are absolute tricks, because last month it was announced that Justin passed the beans on a romantic evening, saying to lovers: "Yes, we are married."

And with the changes of the name of Hailei, I guess it's time to send them a toaster or a mammoth boat.

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Until we had seen some of the wedding photos yet, the newlyweds released damped PDA cards on social media to prove that the honeymoon is strong.

Hailei – the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin – shares a picture of herself wrapped around her while spending a day at sea, while Justin has released a photo called "Hunni buns punkin".

Cute or sweet? You decide.

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