Firefighters from North California say a quick fire has destroyed several thousand structures. The 27,000 inhabitants of Rice, California, were said to have evacuated as the flames were burned over 28 square miles. (November 9)

Rapidly scattered fires in California have forced tens of thousands of people to quickly evacuate their homes, including a few well-known figures of the big profile, who announced on Thursday and Friday in social media to discover that they were under the influence of flames.

Although TMZ reported that Caitlin Jenner's home was burned in Malibu, Jenner's publicist Alan Nierob told the US today that the former Olympian was safe and had no information about the status of his property.

"I just want to tell everyone that we have succeeded," said close-up singer Sofia Hutchins on her Instagram story, displaying Jenner in the car with her. "We both succeeded, the dogs left it, we made several of our things. A few of our things are betrayed and we are sure, and that's all that matters."

Kim Kardashian West said on Friday afternoon that her house looked like the worst. "I heard the flame struck our property in our house at Hidden Hills, but now we stopped," she said tweeted. "It does not seem that everything is getting worse, God is good, I just pray that everyone is safe." Firefighters, I love you and thank you for doing everything you can to protect us! "

Earlier, the star of reality later took her Instagram Story to share images of the fire, revealing that she had returned home from a trip and rushed to pack and evacuate her home in Calabasas.

"Pray for Kalabas," she wrote on her story "Instagram" along with a view of the air from the fire. "We just returned home and had an hour to pack and evacuate our home. I ask everyone to be safe."

She also shared a picture of her children wearing pajamas sitting on the sidewalk after evacuation, writing: "North is always a mood."

Sister Kardashian Vesta, Kourtnei Kardashian, also took over Instagram's story to find out that it had evacuated. She shared a picture of her trunk filled with property and wrote: "I pray that everyone is safe and protected from these fires. No Calabasas tonight."

Their younger sister, Khloe Kardashian, wrote on Friday that she left her Malibu home with her daughter, True.

"I just went with the clothes on my back, but I think I packed up the True bedroom and car closet," claims Kardashian. "It's obvious that everything matters to me."

Before that, Khloe wrote that she had been arranged with her brother, Rob Kardashian, his daughter, Dream.

The Kardashians were not the only stars affected by fires. Ladi Gaga shared smoke scans that owned Malibu via Instagram Friday. "Evacuate earlier this morning," she wrote.

Gaga later thanked the "real heroes" – firefighters, police and emergency agents – while discussing how the devastating "these nasty fires" were for people who lost their homes and loved ones.

"I'm sitting here with many of you who are wondering if my home will burn. All we can do is pray together and for each other," she wrote.

Actress Alissa Milano, the open voice of movement # MeToo, wrote that she was evacuated. "I just had to evacuate my home from a fire," she wrote. "I took my children, dogs, computer and boots Doc Marten." (The husband is in New York, my coach evacuates horses) "

She claimed an urgent request for help later on Friday, writing: "If someone can get 5 horses from the fire, please help me."

Rainn Wilson tweeted that his home was evacuated, and his pigs and dogs were good.

"Please send a prayer to the people of Thousand Oaks and the victims of the shooting that now have to evacuate their homes and neighbors," he argues. "Then send them cash."

Director Scott Derrickson shares the tragic news that his house was lost in the fire.

"We lost our home, but we are all safe and it's an important thing," he wrote. "Some time will be offline."

Scott Baio published Late Thursday night that "could be next in line" to escape, adding "fires all around."

"So many friends have already left their homes," he tweeted. "What a horrible day 4 of our community"

"That's it. We've been evacuated from old Agura." Eddie McClintock tweeted. "Things really became real."

The actor Kevin Sorbo shares his travels, but his family was evacuated from their home in the middle of the night.

Singer / composer Hailei Kiioko he complained "THE MOVE IS IN THE FIRE" before encouraging the follower to evacuate. "Do not be stubborn, so dangerous and serious!"

Likewise, famous director Guillermo del Toro said his followers: "If you live in Agoura Hills, CA – the fire is moving towards that area. Please evacuate."

Like journalist Dan Rather.

"A very terrible and destructive fire is spreading in California with frightening speeds" published. "Warnings for evacuation.

"My thoughts are with all those who have the task of guarding people," he continued. "This is getting worse and worse, and climate change is real."

National Recreation Area Santa Monica Tveeted that the fire burned the western city, a film on the Paramount Ranch used in films since 1927, is located in Aguri.

"We do not have details or photographs, but our knowledge is that the structures have been burnt," the statement said. "This area is an active part of the incident and we can not access it".


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