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Netflik, DStv will face TV2Go Jomo Sono, competitor for the flow of competition – Kuartz Africa


The South African legend of football plans to become a heroic expert.

The retired football player, once a national coach and owner of the Jomo Sono Club, helped launch a new streaming service in South Africa, which he believes will be a response to the relatively high cost of data and entertainment.

TV2Go was officially launched on November 9 with over 100 channels that included movies, news and music. The free-air platform hit Vodacom, which would limit data costs and enable Vodacom to release some of its custom content and commercials. Channel revenue comes exclusively from advertising, says Sono.

Sono came across the TV2Go platform in Israel and collaborated with Israeli Cast TV to bring the concept of "free television" to South Africa. He launched the Infiniti, a digital entertainment platform earlier this year. Infiniti owns 26% South African TV2Go, while Cast TV owns the rest.

Cast TV already has a presence in Russia, Romania and the Czech Republic. With Sono, they plan to launch TV2Go in Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia. But first, they target 100,000 South African subscribers in the next few months.

Even with VodaCom partnership, Sono and TV2Go's enthusiasm can be reduced by the reality of high data costs. For several years, South Africans have complained about the cost of mobile data in the country, which have diminished social campaigns and even came closer to parliament.

Then there is a content issue. TV2Go may be free, but its movement against the DTV, which has so far monopolized television and film content, Netflik's rapidly growing presence, and the well-established Amazon Prime and Hulu libraries, are starting to play for the African market.

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Son of a nostalgia.

Take, SuperSport, for example, probably Dvestov's most amazing bouquet of channels, which treat their high-tech studios and international sports stars as lecturers. Massive sports events like the UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup are generally available on DSt's Premium and other higher end-user packages. Although unable to secure the rights to these lucrative games, Sono decided to return to sports content.

"What is troubling me all these years is that if you look at legends in cricket, football, boxing in South Africa, when you stop you are as good as dead, you are done," he told the South African radio station. "Every legend must have its channel."

It starts with a channel dedicated to the Son, who is already online. It is unclear whether TV2Go will be able to win the rights for other classic games. She continues with nostalgia on music channels, wishing to present classics such as Miriam Makeba.

Kves TV tried a similar strategy with alternative sports programs such as the NBA and the NHL, but was unable to compete with the DStv for a long time, and this month it quit by closing its satellite subscription service to focus on the Internet.

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