Friday , February 26 2021

News update: Fed court once again confirms decision of hunger strike inmates to receive medical care at private hospital

All four members of the OFC opposition, except Professor Merera Gudina (2nd from left), are on hunger strike.

By Siyanne Mekonnen @siyaanne

Addis Ababa, February 17, 2021 – A letter from the Federal Court and reviewed by Addis standard he stated that the judges have once again upheld his previous decision ruling that the prisoners in the Jawar Mohammed case, on hunger strike since January 27, are entitled to receive medical treatment in a private hospital.

Prisoners have continued to starve and the health of Bekele Gerba, opposition vice president of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), is said to be deteriorating.

On February 16, Bekele, who had been advised to be treated in a hospital since Friday, February 12, was finally granted the right to be treated in a private hospital of his choice. However, while on his way to Landmark Hospital yesterday, he and his medical team were forcibly transferred to the Armed Forces Hospital commonly known as Torhailoch Hospital.

Bekele refused to be treated at Torhailoch, a government hospital, “fearing for his life,” which caused tense tension for hours at the hospital’s facilities, according to lawyers and relatives. Addis Standrad. Security forces have kept the team of medical professionals incommunicado, including chief private physician Dr. Illili Jamal, on the premises of Torhailoch Hospital for at least three hours before Bekele returned to Kaliti Federal Prison “without receiving treatment.”

Dr. Said Ilili Addis standard today that the medical team and Bekele “were taken to Torhailoch against our will. I asked for my phone before leaving the prison grounds, but I was not allowed,” he said, “We asked that we “We wouldn’t go back to prison if we didn’t go to Landmark Hospital, but he also refused. We weren’t allowed to make phone calls either,” he said of the hours he spent at Torhailoch Hospital.

Accompanying security forces initially told the team of medical professionals and lawyers that the convoy carrying Bekele to Landmark Hospital was diverted to Torhailoch Hospital by “order of an unspecified senior official” almost before arriving at Landmark Hospital.

Dr. Illili says the armed escort may have received his orders after Bekele and the rest of them were released from Kaliti prison. Later, one of the security members of the prison administration showed me “a letter to convince us to continue the treatment at Torhailoch Hospital. The letter was signed by Gedion Timotiwos, the Attorney General.” He said the AG office was asking the court to change its ruling allowing inmates to be treated in private hospitals and cited that adequate medical care should be provided to inmates. under the responsibility of the government, according to Dr. Illili.

Since Bekele was brought back to Kality without receiving the medical treatment he needed, the lawyers have again appealed to the court this morning, getting another letter confirming the judges ’previous decision.

The lawyers said Addis standard waiting for Bekele to take him to Landmark Hospital tomorrow. AS

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