Thursday , July 7 2022

On diabetes … go to a simple finger test


Hoosen Motala (Vice President of South Africa Diabetes), Sister Gertie and Louise Molineauk.

Durban – There are over 425 million people living with diabetes around the world, and by 2045 this will increase to 629 million, the International Diabetes Federation says.

The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th, and the annual diabetes race is held at the Vellness Festival in Durban on Sunday November 11 in the Bay of Plenty Bay.

One of the passionate activists is provided by Durban's Louise Molineauk, the victim of diabetes, renal insufficiency and a member of Diabetes South Africa.

Her family did not believe a diabetic when she first showed her: "Twenty-six years ago, when I opened my eyes one morning, I had a terrible perception that I was a diabetic. My husband and my doctor laughed at me. But the blood results showed a glucose level of 22, when it should be about 6. "

She said that when someone has diabetes, one's body is not able to make enough insulin or can not properly use the insulin that makes it. As a result, glucose in the bloodstream can not move to its cells to be used as energy and builds in the blood. The damage caused by an elevated blood glucose level is irreversible, and diabetes is associated with cardiovascular diseases, stroke, eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, lower dental amputation, sexual dysfunction, and high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Molineauk said about the lack of resources and staff, there is little or no education on diabetes in the state system. "The real tragedy is that those who suffer the most are from an endangered community. It is not uncommon for them not to get insulin or medicines that need to treat their condition." It's terrible because treatment of diabetes is relatively cheap, but the treatment of complications is huge – physically, emotionally and financially. "

Molineauk advises people to have regular reviews once a year and have a glucose test: "If you suspect that you have diabetes, go to your local pharmacy and finger your finger and do the test. Do not leave it, it must be investigated because it will not disappear. one organ. It affects the eyes, the kidney, the circulatory system, and this is not something you can ignore. "

For Moline, everyone should go outside to take care of one thing that money can not buy – their health. "Be sure you have a medical check once a year and insist on having a glucose test." "Be active as far as you can." For optimal health, we need to spend three hours a week's practice – even not even half an hour a day – and walking is quite acceptable " , she says.

Molineauk will participate in diabetes on Sunday, the event is part of the Durban Festival that celebrates all things healthy. All 5km walk goes to Diabetes SA Durban.

The race will be held at the Durban amphitheater in Plenty Bay at 8h. Registration starts at 7h. Families are encouraged and pets are allowed on a leash. It will be free cells for testing blood glucose, blood pressure and foot screening.

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