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Prince Charles: 70 is the fact of his 70th birthday


Prince of Vales today is 70 years old – there are 70 facts about the heir to the throne.

  1. Charles was born November 14, 1948 in the Buckingham Palace.
  2. He is the eldest son of the Queen and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
  3. On December 15, Archbishop Kenterberi was baptized, dr. Geoffrey Fisher.
  4. He became the heir after the death of his grandfather, Jurij VI; Elizabeth succeeded on the throne on February 6, 1952.
  5. He is now the longest British monarch waiting.
  6. There are three brothers and sisters – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
  7. All are connected with Vlado Impaler.
  8. Queen and Duke of Edinburgh decided that Charles should go to school instead of having a mentor, so Prince joined the Hill House School in West London in November 1956.
  9. Ten months later, the young prince became a border guard at the Cheam School, a suitable school in Berkshire.
  10. The prince was 14 when he allegedly ordered his first alcoholic drink, cherry brandy on a school trip.
  11. In April 1962, he began his first term at Gordonstun, a Scottish school.
  12. The Prince of Wales in 1966 spent two terms as an exchange student in Australia.
  13. Upon returning to Gordonston, he became a head.
  14. In 1967, he passed his A levels, obtaining grade B in history and C in French, with the difference in an optional special historical document.
  15. There are speculations that Charles had a broken glory at Barbara Streisand during her youth.
  16. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge.
  17. During his second year, the prince received instructions for flying from the RAF.
  18. He studied archeology and anthropology for his first year before moving on to history
  19. While at the university, he joined the Cambridge coast, a famous comedy group with dozens of well-known alumni.
  20. He graduated in 1970.
  21. He is the first royal heir to earn a university degree.
  22. Charles continued to study Welsh at the University of Aberystwith in brief.
  23. The Queen and Philip gave their son a Aston Martin sports car for the 21st birthday present.
  24. On July 1, 1969, in Kraljevo, he invested Prince of Vales Queen of the Royal Queen in a ceremony at Caernarfon Castle in Vales.
  25. Before sitting in the House of Lords next year.
  26. The Prince of Wales "Ich dien", which means "I serve".
  27. His full name is: His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Vales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, KSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Island and Prince and the Great Scottish Stewards.
  28. In 1971 he started his career in the Navy, after which he served on the guided missile destruction of HMS Norfolk and two frigates.
  29. The Prince qualified as a helicopter pilot in 1974 before joining the 845 Naval Airborne Squadron.
  30. In 1975, Charles became a member of the magic circle, a society of magicians, after audition passed through a trick and "cup".
  31. In 1979 he founded the Prince Wales Charity Foundation.
  32. He is currently a patron or president of about 400 organizations.
  33. In 1980, Prince Charles wrote a children's book under the title The old man Lochnagar.
  34. He also wrote books about the natural world and the environment, including Harmony i Climate change.
  35. Charles once revealed to actress Julie Valters that he is a fan of Harry Potter films.
  36. In 1981, he married Diana Spencer at the St Pauls Cathedral.
  37. 750 million people around the world followed the event on television.
  38. He and Dajana gave only six months before he suggested it.
  39. Height 5 "10", he and Princess Diana were the same height.
  40. But there was between them 12 years of age.
  41. Prince and Princess had two sons: Prince Villiam, born June 21, 1982; and Prince Harry, born September 15, 1984.
  42. Prince Charles broke the royal tradition by urging Princess Diana to give birth to her sons in the hospital, not at the Buckingham Palace, and to attend births.
  43. About 170 regular suppliers of goods and services hold the royal assignments for the Prince of Wales appointment.
  44. In 1989, Prince Charles and John Clayz together wrote ecological comedy Grimes Goes Green.
  45. He started his own food, Duchi Originals, in 1990 (named after the Korvall of Vojvodina). Her first product was a biscuit of wheat and rabbit organic farming at the farmhouse in Highgrove.
  46. He also has his own brand of whiskey, which is called Barrogill.
  47. Charles and Diana married 11 years before they split in 1992
  48. Their separation was announced at the Prime Minister John Mayor's home.
  49. The marriage was terminated on August 28, 1996
  50. When Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris in August 1997, the Prince flew to Paris with his sisters to return his body to London.
  51. Charles married his second wife, Camilla Parker Bovles, on April 9, 2005 at a civil ceremony in Windsor.
  52. The pair met in polo match in 1970.
  53. According to an unauthorized book, Charles once "screamed" and "trembled" in the form of an unknown plastic substance that covered his dinner, and it was only said "It's a movie about love, dear" by Camille. The anecdote, which the family never addressed, published the titles.
  54. Income from the estate of the Duchy of Cornwall, which he received from the Welsh commander since 1337.
  55. He is currently the owner of more than 50,000 hectares of land (130,000 hectares), according to reports.
  56. It is estimated that Charles is worth about $ 400 million.
  57. Several of his vehicles have been turned into a winery.
  58. He says he worships red squirrels.
  59. Since 1969, the Prince has visited 44 Commonwealth countries, many of them on several occasions.
  60. The Prince appeared on the British show Coronation Street in 2000.
  61. In 2009, Prince Charles won the best-dressed man in the world by Eskuire magazine. He defeated Boris Johnson, Bill Nigh and Barack Obama to the top.
  62. Throughout the country Prince Charles is known for various titles. For example, in Cornwall, he is known as the HRH Duke of Cornwall and Chester, as HRH Earl of Chester.
  63. He is a godfather for 32 people, including Princess Maria-Olympia from Greece.
  64. The prince received the title "Cow keeper" by Masai in Tanzania in 2011
  65. It has a frog by name: Hiloscirtus Princecherlesi or Prince Charles Magnificent Tree Frog.
  66. Prince Charles and Prince Villiam never travel on the same plane, so both do not die in an accident.
  67. The prince does not eat lunch.
  68. But he enjoys Darjeeling tea, serves milk and honey.
  69. Since Prince brings old age, he has his own passage and gets a state pension.
  70. Prince Charles likes "groussaka" – his version of Greek moussaka, but with a cluster instead of lamb.

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