Thursday , July 7 2022

Queen WARNING Prince Harry about Meghan Markla's behavior in the wedding


The 37-year-old Duchess said she originally wanted to wear a tiger full of green emeralds.

However, Meghan ultimately settled for the diamond and platinum head chosen by Her Majesty, reports the Sun.

The king's insider told the newspaper: "Meghan put her heart on this tiger's emerald, and Prince Harry hit the roof when they told her it was impossible to carry.

"It was not possible to determine the origin of the tiara. It was of concern that originally originated from Russia.

"It was a very heated exchange that led the queen to talk to Harry."

Roial insider

"It was a very heated exchange that led the queen to talk to Harry.

"She said," Meghan can not have what she wants. He gets what tiara gives me …

"The Queen's message was very important for Meghan to think about how she spoke to the staff and to watch family protocols."

Daili Star Online earlier announced that Meghan and Harry are planning to break the royal tradition by trying to give their child "normal education".

The Principality and Duchess say they want their firstborn to drive London underground and "do housework".

Speaking to the American weekly, Royal expert Omid Scobie said Harri and Meghan will "change the royal rules of parenting" for modern era.

He said: "Meghan will take his children to the subway. He will have work and work one day, he will not be ruined."

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child in the spring.

Daili Star Online addressed the Kensington Palace for further comments.

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