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Robert Smith of The Cure says that the new album "will not be so nice"


Robert Smith, from The Cure, said that the band's new album "will not be so nice".

The English rock group is working on their first studio album from 2008 at 4:13 AM Dream, and previously it has mocked that it is very dark.

The band is ready to play Glastonbury on Sunday night, but Smith told Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 that it is more likely to play family music.

He said: "So, trying summer festivals, we spent a day going through new things and, in the end, we just looked at each other and said that it will not work in a party atmosphere.

"I have learned something in the last few years: if you want to make a good festival show, you have to relate to the people, they must be on your side. Do you want them to love you?

"It is not necessarily the case when you are playing your own shows, but it challenges you a little more to the people, but Glastonbury has no idea who will follow until it is advertised for people to buy tickets as an event.

"We are only a small part of the event and, therefore, the show, whatever the way they take it, will be songs that people know."

Smith continued: "We played at Hyde Park last year and showed me that if you play the right songs in the right way you will get a crowd, no matter how great, to go there and that is really what I want to go to the scenario.

"I want people to be part of the fair, it's not for us and say:" Here you have 10 minutes of fatality and of course, it is better to enjoy them. "

"The new album, in a fun way, will not be so nice.

"I know I should not say … it's something, it's a piece, we've tried it and it will not work.

"We tried to squeeze a couple of songs. I can imagine that people look at us only when we do it."

Smith said he had no concern ahead of the band as a whole.

"I have never been nervous, a fun thing with me," he said.

"I do not know what happens to me. This cable is missing.

"But the rest of the band has several degrees almost paralyzed with the nerves as the program approaches. I'm always saying that" come, enjoy, I will not get it back. ""

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