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Sean & # 39; Diddi & # 39; Combs and Kim Porter: Link Timeline


During all the ups and downs of their relationship, Sean "Diddi" Combs and Kim Porter were always close.

Porter, who became Combs for many years, was found dead on Thursday in her home. She was 47 years old.

Sheriff's office in Los Angeles confirmed Porter's death in a statement, explaining that the police responded to an investigation into the death at 11:40 am in Toluca Lake, California, where they found a woman who was not responding to the residency.

Porter was pronounced dead on the spot.

Although Didi has not yet publicly commented on her passing, the source told HUMANS that she was "ruined and shocked".

"He and Kim were still very close friends and parents even though their romantic relationship failed," the source continued. "They were still a family."

Here's a look at their relationship.

Kim Porter and Sean Diddy Combs

Kim Porter and Sean "Diddy" Combs

Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

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On-Again Off-Again Link

The couple, who began to live in the nineties, greeted his first child in 1998 – a son named Christian Casey.

Porter and Combs broke up in 1999 and are fighting in court for supporting children for a Christian. Combs continued with two-day Jennifer Lopez two years before he and Porter reconciled in 2003.

In December 2006, they welcomed two daughters D & # 39; Lila Star & Jessie James.

Porter was also the son of Kuini Brovn's son, 27 years old, from a previous relationship with music producer Al B. Sure. When Kuinci was only 3 years old, Combs became forced to lift him.

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Marriage was not on cards

In an interview for SoulIn December 2006, Combs stated that there were no plans to marry Porter. "I know he deserves to get married, but I'm not ready," he said. "It's not a reflection of how much I love Kim, that's just learning how to be a good boy. When I'm done with this step, I'm moving to the next."

Less than a year later, the couple have been split lately.

Final Split

Combs and Porter shared well in 2007.

"When I finished this relationship, I made a decision that was in the best interest for me, Sean and our families. I look forward to continuing my life and career and I want his prosperity, health and happiness in life and love." We will stay friends and dedicate our parents children, "Porter said in a statement at that time.

That same year, Porter opened around their breakup Soul magazine, explaining why she chose Combs to leave the city before all of her things – including a kitchen table.

"I wanted to be dramatic. I wanted to know that I did not interrupt with him for two weeks – or maybe two days." If I pack everything – twins and everything – that means I'm out! Puffy is a person in action, not a person who speaks So I had to have an action. Tell him, "Babe, I'm leaving," she will not do, "she explained.

Kim Porter and Sean Diddy Combs

Kim Porter and Sean "Diddy" Combs

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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Drama of paternity

In the same Soul interview, Porter also said that their relationship became sour when she was still pregnant with twins, and the girl told her that Combs had recently given birth to a baby with another woman.

"This is not the original scenario, he is not the first person to cheat, he is not the first man to have a baby outside of his relationship, but he is not the source of this." But at this point in my life – now I have girls – this is another program. "

In the end, Combs joined Porter with the news, but she said it was after twins were born.

"He told me that he might have been in a situation and maybe he had another child out of the relationship and said:" Really? Well, I already knew. I'm glad you decided to be a man, "Porter recalled." I was like, "Man, this is so bad that I can not respect you now." And for me, when respect is gone, I do not even obey you. "

In July 2006, Combs greeted Chance Chance with Sarah Chapman

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Dedicated are-parents

Despite the whole drama, Porter and Combs could stay close to the rest of their lives while continuing to find their parents' parents.

Even a month after they were first separated, Porter said Soul that they are a couple "friends" and that Combs "still calls me everyday."

"We are dedicated to our children, even though we can not focus on each other," she said.

In an interview for НОЗНИ magazine next year, Combs also praised Porter's skills as a parent.

"Kim is an incredible mother to our children. For many years now, we have been part of our lives and I have always admired her courage and strength." We are the best friends. "

Christian Combs and Kim Porter

Christian Combs and Kim Porter

Andrev H. Valker / VVD / REX / Shutterstock

Over the years, the pair has stayed close – and dedicated their parents.

"I got three girls, three boys, and they are really nice, great people," said Combs PEOPLE in 2017 in his big family. "They had a lot of love in their hearts, I am the happiest man in the world."

Combs is also the father of Justin's 24-year-old son with former Miss Hilton Brim

By giving a loan in which he owes, he could proudly praise all the mothers of his mothers.

"I was really blessed that I have some great, incredible connections that these kids gave me these strong, intelligent, beautiful black women," he says to his eke. "My children's kids [are] my best friends. My hat went to them. "

Kim Porter

Kim Porter

Abel Fermin / REX / Shutterstock

In the months before her death, Porter and Combs were as firm as ever.

In addition to having spent together together on their mother's day, in October, all Porter and Comb's children went out to support the screening of Quinn's new film Netflik, Calendar of holidays.

"When the whole # Krev appears for the @ Kuinci Screening NETFLIKS Christmas Christmas HOLIDAY CALENDAR must be seen … I laughed I cried in the spirit of the holiday, but most of all I've seen @ kuinci to live out of my sleep," wrote Porter is next to a series of family group footage.

Kim Porter, Sean Diddy Combs and

Kim Porter, Sean "Diddi" Combs i

Charlei Gallai / Getti Images

That same month, Combs also shared a sweet photo of Porter and their twins, who were dressed as Run DMC.

Two of the three latest photos on Porter's side of Instagram were also a gift to Combs.

In honor of his 49th birthday, less than a week before his death, Porter wrote: "Happy birthday @ diddi on this day was born GENIUS, can you still be the driving force of ENERGY that BOD created you to be! Thank you You gave me the best gifts of life for our Little Girl! "

She then shared a photo of Combs and his children from a birthday celebration.

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