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The boy bought a sofa on Amazon while playing on the phone


Background of the surface of the sofa (Photo: Getty Images)
Background of the surface of the sofa (Photo: Getty Images)

A California mother was very surprised when she discovered that her child bought a 430-dollar sofa at Amazon.

"I was so shocked," said Isabella McNeil at NBC 7. "I thought:" I bought a sofa when sleeping? "

But it turns out that the daughter of McNeil, two years old, Rayna, was the culprit of the click. McNeil, who had recently been browsing Amazon for a new sofa, received a notification from Amazon that his purchase had been sent to his residence.

"I said to him:" What have I sent my sofa? I did not remember making a sofa, "McNeil told NBC.

He later recalled that the previous week, the young Rayna had asked to play with her mother's cell phone, saying "Mom, phone, mom, phone." The child used without knowing the "Buy now with a click" button on Amazon, which caused an order to complete a gray sofa.

While McNeil tried to cancel the order, he could not do it. There would be a restocking fee of $ 79, as well as a $ 100 bill to return the big box to Amazon. Shortly afterwards, the sofa came to the door of a large cardboard box.

"Lesson learned," McNeil said. "Now I know that it is really dangerous and [I need] to make sure the Amazon application is closed before my daughter takes the phone. It's so easy. "

McNeil actually ended up publishing the OfferUp sofa, along with a fun description. "New brand in the box. I asked for error, my child really did … I bought with 1 click on Amazon. Anyway, it is more complicated to send it back, so I'm lost."

"Sometimes, when you are a mother and you are only in desperation, and you just want to settle down, the first thing you go is:" Here, play with my phone for a little. "McNeil told NBC 7." No It's worth letting you play with my phone with a value of $ 179. Now I will be more aware of my Amazon application. "

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