Tuesday , July 27 2021

You can now sign in to Yahoo! with your Google and Facebook sign-in

Sign in to Yahoo! with your Google and Facebook sign-in

Today, Yahoo! announced that users can now log in to the Yahoo network by authenticating third-party users with Facebook and Google logins (using OpenID).

With hundreds of millions of Facebook and Google users, it makes sense for every business, even an obvious competitor, to include this access point. It is also ideal for the user as it remembers a username and a password less.

A quote from his blog: from the perspective of Yahoo !, any user who is logged in and interacts with Yahoo! services is a valuable user, whether authenticated via Yahoo !, Facebook or Google ID.

Users will be able to log in via Facebook or Google and comment on a Yahoo! News Articles, Play Yahoo! Fantasy sports or interact with photos on Flickr, including the Flickr upload program. Yahoo! they first introduced the OpenID login with Google to Flickr in October 2010 and, following the success of this integration, chose to open it to all of Yahoo! platforms.

To start the new one-click login, click the “Sign in with: Facebook or Google” icon in Yahoo! login screen. Then you are completely logged in to Yahoo !.

However, one word for the wise: You will not yet be able to sign in to a mobile or computer client using Google OpenID.

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