Wednesday , December 8 2021

28% of students are smokers, and 21% do not want to give up




SMEREP reveals student behavior during 3rd edition # MoisSansTabac. According to the Health Opinion Opinion Opinion Vai * 2018, 15% of female students report smoking on some occasions, and 13% smoking smoking per year. On the secondary school side, 14% say they are smoking regularly or occasionally. Health care (66%) and one pouch (56%) are the main motivation for stopping smoking among students. In addition, 32% is a matter of avoiding aesthetic effects (yellow teeth, skin quality, air …). The study also shows that students who want to leave the situation say they can do it alone (61%) or hypnosis (20%). A new factor to consider: electronic cigarette of 18% considers it a good way to go.

* Opinion Survey for SMEREP conducted online questionnaire from April 19 to May 21, 2018 among 1,0101 pupils and 1,000 secondary school students in France.

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