Wednesday , March 3 2021

30,000 loan files destroyed by mistake in the Banque Postale

Instead of destroying 2,052 documents requested by Banque Postale, the service provider that manages the management of its files would have deleted 2,052 mortgage file cases. When he contacted La Banque Postale, he did not want to react officially, but recalled that “The mistake is human“Customers are half amused, half bewildered.”I didn’t give them any credit, so hey, a young woman is having fun. But how is this really possible?“.

The news smiles, but not everyone. In fact, if customers refuse to repay their loans and their records have been destroyed, the bank will have few options to get their money back. Fortunately for La Banque Postale, the number of unpaid mortgage loans is small: less than 1%.

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