Wednesday , March 3 2021

73 experts call for vitamin D to be administered to the French population

An increasing number of studies seem to show a protective effect of vitamin D against severe forms of Covid. Vitamin D will not replace the vaccine, obviously, but it can be an additional prevention tool.

Half of the French population suffers from vitamin C deficiency
It is said that half of the French population suffers from vitamin C deficiency © Getty

It will not replace the vaccine and also does not present itself as a panacea, but it could help: 73 French-speaking experts and 6 French teaching societies (in particular the French Society of Pediatrics and the French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology) call for a supplement of vitamin D throughout the French population, particularly the elderly and at risk. A growing number of scientific studies show that vitamin D can have a protective effect against infection, and especially against severe forms.

How would vitamin D prevent severe forms?

Calling experts do not claim that vitamin D prevents death. They have just compiled the scientific literature and are beginning to expand in this area. A few months ago, a Norwegian study had already shown that regular consumption of cod liver oil, rich in vitamin D, appeared to protect against covida infection. In May, the same Academy of Medicine recommended administering vitamin D to the elderly, in particular, as a preventive, even curative. Since then, several studies have shown that, without necessarily being the miraculous cure, vitamin D is, in fact, a steroid hormone whose action greatly exceeds calcium metabolism. It is used to regulate protein synthesis, and in particular the ACE2 receptor, which is the target that allows SarsCov 2 to enter cells. Therefore, it could limit the “cytokine storm” that characterizes the most severe cases. This is the hypothesis anyway. “It may be another weapon in front of the Covid, it would be a shame to do without it, explains Professor Cédric Annweiler, head of the geriatrics department at the University Hospital of Angers, which is the origin of the call. French studies have shown that in the elderly, those who regularly receive vitamin D supplements have a 90% reduced risk of developing a serious form if they have the infection. Given the situation of the epidemic, even if it does not replace vaccines or barrier gestures, it would be a shame to deprive us of this additional weapon.“.

Where can You Find Vitamin D?

Vitamin D, which is found in foods such as fish, milk, eggs … The sun (exposure of the skin to UV-B rays) also reduces deficiencies and, in winter, we obviously lack Ground. Generally speaking, half the population in France suffers from vitamin D deficiency. It even rises to 80-90% in the elderly. Supplements, however, are easy to take orally and inexpensive. It is up to the attending physician to prescribe the correct dose.

Professor Annweiler also leads a study called CoviT-trial, labeled in December as a “national research priority” by the government. The “randomized” clinical trial aims to test the efficacy in death by Covid of a very high dose of vitamin D, administered at the time of diagnosis, in elderly people who have contracted the infection, against a standard dose. . Ten hospitals are participating in the trial, which includes 260 patients. The results are expected in the coming weeks.

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