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A New Promising Treatment For Victims Of Stroke – 16/11/2018




New treatment for stroke victims is being tested - RelakNevs - JodiJacobson /

A new treatment for stroke victims is being tested

CNRS researchers at the University of Caen-Normandy, Paris-Est Creteil and OTR3 are working on a new approach to assisting the victims of stroke, a treatment that will recover the functions of the sensor and engine lost as a result of a stroke.

In France, about a thousand people suffer from stroke each year. A headache is the cause of acquired disability in adults, and the second leading cause of death in France.

Most of these strokes come due to the occlusion of the cerebral artery with a blood clot. The only way to prevent neurons from dying is because they are deprived of oxygen is the elimination of this clot. This operation is only possible in the first hours after a stroke, which can treat less than patients.

Faced with this, a team led by CNRS researcher Miriam Bernaudin decided to explore a new path and was interested in the cellular environment, also called an extracellular matrix. The matrix serves as cell support. When a stroke occurs, a matrix that disrupts neuronal death is disturbed.

The team of researchers injected into the rat's agent, which is similar to those that structure the cell matrix. This injected injection after stroke was proven to be effective, as it was allowed to protect and reconstruct the matrix that was affected. This agent also helped promote the development of new neurons and promote the recovery of sensory and motor functions.

For a moment tested only on rats, this promising pathway should be subject to pilot clinical trials by the end of 2019.

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