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About to give birth, Meghan Markle breaks the real protocol


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That's more to show, Meghan Markle does not have to make the real protocol! Dresses, events, tradition, sends everything waltz to impose a way of life that fits you most. Your last requirement? The duchess of Sussex decided to give birth at home with a doctor and not to St Mary's Hospital in London, as usual. And that's not all …

if Kate Middleton he was easily provided to the game protocolit is not for Meghan Markle. On the contrary, it even seems to be doing the opposite of the decisions of the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, for his three deliveries, Kate Middleton He did not depart from the rule of the royal family, that ofbirth at St Mary's Hospital in London Down like Lady Di in front of her. On the following day, still according to tradition, thea young mother had introduced the royal baby to the press and fans at the exit of the hospital.

Instead ofpartMeghan Markle almost gave way after being in doubt for a long time. The noise in the corridor suggests that the future mother had opted for the classic option of the St Mary's Hospital. But a royal correspondent of Daily mail You just have to put everything in question. In the latest news, we know thatan American friend of Meghan Markle would have trusted that the duchess had finally decided to give birth to her siteto his new country house in Windsor. Who says the house says in the most natural way possible. As a result, the old star of dressed, getting ready since he entered yoga. He should also surround him doula During delivery to help calm down and manage pain. If, without epidural at home ! However, Meghan Markle would be aware of the risk of this part and, finally, would go to the hospital if there were any complications.

But the break with the real protocol is not here! Apparently, the old actress also wanted choose a doctor to give birth. In general, they are the royal doctors, specialists in high risk deliveries that are in charge of it. The duchess of Sussex preferred to compose her own medical team, which could cost tens of thousands of euros to the crown. Finally, Meghan Markle I would not like to play the photo shoot the day after the birth to present your child. Let's imagine this is a new blow for the queen …

Answer in a few days!

Meghan Markle values ​​her baby.

by Chloe Delaporte

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