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After a dengue case, a Bergerac district was treated against the tiger mosquito


A mosquito control operation will be carried out in a Bergerac district. – PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

  • A case of dengue was diagnosed in a patient from the Bergerac hospital that returned from Africa.
  • As a precaution, a mosquito retreat from the hospital district will be held Tuesday morning.
  • Recommendations to the inhabitants of the sector are published.

A patient treated at Samuel-Pozzi de Bergerac hospital, from June 14 to 19, who returned from a trip to Africa, was declared infected by the dengue virus,
reports South-west. As a precaution, a mosquito control operation will be carried out between five in the morning and 6 am on Tuesday morning in the hospital district, an entomological survey showing the presence of mosquitoes
Tiger mosquito, vector potential of the virus.

According to a statement from the Regional Health Agency, the Prefect and the Department of Dordogne, a team from the Interdepartmental Mediterranean Mosquito Control Center (EID) will participate, "the aim is to eliminate the mosquitoes present in the frequented places for the case of dengue, in order to avoid any risk of virus spread in the event they have been contaminated by stinging this person. "

Treatment and recommendations

"Deltamethrin used in these treatments is sprayed to one gram per hectare, a very low dose," he says. "This treatment, which is applied in a very limited space, is a perfectly controlled intervention that is not a special danger, subject to compliance with the instructions transmitted and distributed to residents living in the sector in question."

The City of Bergerac makes recommendations on its website: "The products used for the treatment are low, but it is still an insecticide. Take care to take all precautions for use, the time of the vehicle's passage (to close the windows overlooking the street, to retrieve clothes, toys out …) »

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