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Ajax: the very good shot of Amsterdam, the game summary


23:30 – Video summary of the party

Here in video, the summary of this Tottenham – Ajax, semifinals of the Champions League.

23:25 – Summary of the match

"We are foreigners" … These are the words of the Ajax training before this semi-final. Now the situation is different, although observers see Ajax as a favorite for several weeks. Since the start of the match, the rhythm was dictated by Amsterdam players with good control over the game and an impressive midfielder. The materialization took place quickly and logically after the wonder of the passage of Ziyech in the area towards Van de Beek. The half, intractable tonight, took his time to fool Hugo Lloris. This first act was also marked by the great clash between Vertonghen and Alderweireld. The former was forced to leave, probably a victim of a cerebral upheaval. In the second half, Tottenham finally reacted and exerted great pressure on the target of Onana. But for several minutes, the successive waves at the Ajax camp were not really dangerous. The scenario could have been a disaster for the Spurs if Neres did not find the place in the last minutes of the meeting. With this score of 1-0, the Dutch do the good work before the return and take a big step towards the Champions League final.

23:10 – Mission impossible for Tottenham?

No, because this Champions is weird and PSG is not what contradicts us. But according to OptaJean statistics, only one team managed to qualify for the final after a home defeat by 1-0 … It was Ajax in 1995-1996. It seems very difficult for the Spurs.

23:07 – Sissoko: "Everything is possible"

The French reaction to RMC Sport's microphone: "The start of the game was not good on our part. Maybe we were intimidated by this matter. We did not play our football, we were not present at the Duel, we had to play with our qualities, it was not the case, I tried to impact. It was better, even if we could do better, we will go there and we will do everything possible to enter. It is the first game that has lost, there is a second turn. "

23:02 – Amsterdam has a foot in the final

If nothing is done, this victory for 1-0 is very valuable and it is a good day before returning to Amsterdam, scheduled for next week.

22:57 – ⏰ PURPOSE OF THE GAME! It's over!

The good night is for Ajax to win the Tottenham pitch by 1-0 thanks to a goal by Van de Beek in the first period. The Dutch are still impressive in this Champions League.

22:56 – The lack of Lucas

Perhaps it was the last chance of the meeting and it was totally lost. Lucas threw a ball at the edge of the box and did not fit anything.

22:54 – Three minutes of extra time

We are at the added moment of this Tottenham Ajax. Tottenham now has three minutes to win and wait.

22:51 – Huntelaar returns

The attacker's experience can do well in the last minutes of the game. He replaces Ziyech, again precious tonight.

22:49 – Another five minutes

There is little time left in Tottenham to take the draw and keep a real hope of qualifying for the Champions League final.

22:47 – The head of Alderweireld

The Belgian is back after a free kick by Eriksen. But, as in the first part, your helmet does not find the frame and only Oyana goals happen.

22:45 – Two changes for Tottenham

The last one for Pochettino in this Tottenham – Ajax. Davies returns to the place of Rose and Foyth also returns to the place of Trippier.

22:43 – The place of Neres!

What an amazing opportunity for Ajax! Mazraoui explodes to the right and serves Tadic perfectly at the penalty spot. Only, the middle does not want to shoot and changes Neres on the left side. The forward crosses the shot and takes on Lloris but finds the amount. Tottenham was close to the abyss.

22:40 – Veltman decisive!

Eriksen is on the axis and gives the ball in the correct time on the surface to Rose. The defender resumes first but falls on the good return of Veltman against the skin.

22:38 – The good return of Eriksen

The Danish is precious in this case. After a good combination, Van de Beek decides to make a cross to the front but finds the midfielder Tottenham on his way.

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