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Alain Delon “very sad” after the death of his ex-wife

Alain Delon reacted to the announcement of the death of his ex-wife Nathalie. In an interview with AFP, the actor talks about his sentence. “Nathalie was my first wife and the only Mrs. Delon,” he stated in particular.

As of this Thursday at noon, the Delon family is in mourning. It is on his social media that Anthony Delon announced the death of his mother, Nathalie Delon. Alain Delon’s ex-wife, the only one who has been read to marry the legendary French film actor, succumbed to rapid cancer. Shortly after hearing this sad news, Alain-Fabien Delon sent a touching message of support to his half-brother Anthony. Tonight is Alain Delon himself expressing his sadness through a telephone interview with AFP.

Alain Delon declares “very sad“after the death of his ex – wife Nathalie Delon

Alain Delon had met Nathalie at a nightclub in the early 1960s. Ten days ago, Anthony Delon shared a touching photo of the meeting between his two parents. In his press release, interpreter of Samurai and you Cheetah expresses all his emotion. “I’m very sad“, he says.”I am also sorry for my son and my three little girls. It is very difficult to lose a mother, like a grandmother. Nathalie was my first wife and the only Madame Delon. We got married in 1964. We kept in constant contact. We saw each other often. I was a part of her life, she was a part of mine. We were still together for Christmas. We took photos together, the last one. Nathalie had been ill for some time. Doctors had found him with pancreatic cancer. It was irreversible … It always hurts me a lot when the ones I loved leave. She was a very good actress. I made her film debut. It was made for that“.

Nathalie Delon had started with Alain Delon in the Samurai

Nathalie Delon was 79 years old. Born in Oujda, Morocco, on August 1, 1941, Nathalie (or Francine Canovas by her real name) began her career with the Samurai. Gradually, he managed to make a name for himself in the middle of the seventh art, working with the best directors. Jacques Deray (Gently lower), Claude Berri (Sex-Shop), Christian Jaque (Doctor of Justice) or Roger Vadim (A faithful woman), offer him good roles that allow him to develop his talent. Alain Delon and Nathalie divorced in February 1969.

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