Monday , September 26 2022

Amazon has urged to leave items that were hit by Soviet symbols


27 deputies asked the head of Amazon to stop selling items with symbols of the Soviet regime, which made 60 million victims, reminders.

Members of the European Parliament on Friday called on the executive director of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, to stop distributing products with Soviet symbols through their online product platforms, which are said to offend the victims of the regime. Calling the richest people in the world comes after US retailer Valmart promised in September to stop clothing distribution with the help of chekers and Serbian symbols, more to similar complaints.

60 million victims of the Soviet regime. In an open letter, 27 deputies from 13 countries requested "completion of the sale of goods with a symbol of a hammer and a sickle that represents the Soviet Union on the platform of Amazon Inc.". Callers mention items such as t-shirts, masks, flags and souvenirs. MEPs point out that "the total number of victims of the Soviet regime is estimated at more than 60 million", not to mention "more than 10 million people" deported to Siberia camps where they suffered "inhumane conditions of life, forced labor, hunger and physical violence ".

Amazon sells especially red t-shirts with the symbol of the hammer and cord with Cyrillic "CCCP", which means "USSR", similar to those proposed by Valmart. MEPs also said they "supported the decision of the German sports equipment maker Adidas to stop selling clothes with Soviet symbols since May."

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