Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bernard Tapie's message with a yellow vest


Bernard Tepi, who mentioned the end of 2017 on the cancer of France 2 he suffered, will be back on television this Saturday night in the show "On the table!" C8.

On this occasion, the former Minister of the City (1992-1993) told the Beregovo Government what he was thinking about the movement of yellow vests and the current situation in the country.

The movement of yellow vests against fuel growth is, in your opinion, a sign of an obstacle between France from above and from below?

BERNARD TAPIE. Not only with France from the bottom. In society you can not have a fundamentally different vision between the grenades and those who lead them. It is impossible. However, the gap is growing more and more. Those who are responsible for this situation are the hereditary leaders of this country who want to go well for people in spite of themselves. They, you understand, are so intelligent, come to explain what is good for us, this means that all the other fools. All you have to do is say thank you and please. It's unbearable! They, I blame them. But I am even more angry with those who are trying to restore this movement.

Are you talking about Marine Le Pen National Marsh and the incongruous France Jean-Luc Melenchon?

I'm talking about those who want to exploit the yellow vests in their favor. More than those who are responsible for the wrath of yellow vests, I can not stand those who hit the cell and try to use the sorrows and suffering of people who will go down the street. These aborts are ten times more because more people are not satisfied and are more comfortable with them. I will tell you, I hope that at the parade the Yellow Vest will come out all who come to exploit their misfortune.

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