Friday , May 14 2021

Borne reminds officials of the "principle of neutrality"

"Everyone does what he wants out of his service, but over that, we are simply a public service agent," Transport Minister Elisabeth Borna said today, insisting on the "importance of the principle of neutrality" in officials ahead of the day of the action of "yellow vests". "There are rules in France," Minister CNevs told. "When you are a civil servant, you are neutral, you are not here to express your personal opinions, everyone is doing what they want from their service, but during this, you are just a public service agent, a public service in the service of others. the service respects the principle of neutrality. "

"Generally, national police are doing their job, there may be some cases," she added, pointing out that there might be some demonstrators in the police mobilizing against rising fuel prices.

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"Many protest movements have been published, but few have been announced, we can not say what will happen tomorrow, the government is cautious to ensure that things go smoothly, security is guaranteed, it has the right to protest but not to block the country, she continued. "It's a complex move," admitted Borne. "Bes is expressed, decisions must be made. This is the law that I will pass to the Council of Ministers at the end of the month in order to give alternative solutions to those who do not have Plan B."

Its Law on Mobility Management (LOM) aims to function as a toolbox that allows local authorities to improve the organization of travel. "We are considering all the solutions that will be given to the mayors in the immediate vicinity of citizens in order to avoid dependence on the individual car," the minister concluded. "Yellow vests" are calling for blocking the roads and strategic points on Saturday throughout the country during "general mobilization" of citizens against increasing fuel prices.

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"There are also numerous political parties that want to regain the movement and say everything about everything and its opposite: some want to lower taxes, others want more public services." When we say it, we do not say the truth, "Borne said.

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