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CINEMA – detective Pikachu: humor and Pokemon galore in the first great trailer


It's been a while Varner Bros. We promised a feature film live action Detective Pikachu, inspired by a research video game of the same name. Despite rare performances, the project is progressing well, and without warning we will discover the very first trailer.

Trailer in VOSTFR

We found it again Tim Goodman, boys dream of becoming a broken coach, who will work with a Pikachu he is the only one who understands to reveal the mysteries of his father's disappearance. trailer is not shy and directly shows us what we want to see: from the Pokemon abundance, and a special look Pikachu in computer graphics which will be ubiquitous in the film.

Slender appearance, fluffy hair and wandering ears, the design is most likely shot to put it down, but at least we can already give an opinion. There are also other mythical beings, such as charizard, Charmander, bulbasaur, jigglipuff, Amphinobi or Mr. Mima, always with this photorealistic aspect that will be divided. Moreover, it is in the heart of a fun scene, where identity and abilities are Pokemon come out into the light, and It seems humor is supported in what promises to be a dramatic comedy.

Trailer in VF

Detective Pikachu poster

In the original version you will recognize Ryan Reynolds in dubbing Pikachuas has been affirmed for a long time. So, convinced or disappointed with this first glance? Detective Pikachu will try to win fans and the general public May 8, 2019, date of publication in French theaters.

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