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Eddy Cue is not an expert on television and does not sleep during meetings


Eddy Cue offers a mini-European tour. After Paris, where it announced that Apple Music had reached 60 million subscribers, the great manitou of content and Apple services went to London to answer some questions of the times.

Eddy Cue at the Beats 1 studio in London. Photo The Times.

For the anecdote, he was eager to twist his neck over the rumor he was bitten during the meetings: " I read that I was taking siesta during the meetings. This is not the case (Read: The Rupertor Eddy Cue, Siri Torpedoer and Apple Music).

Apple vice president is preparing the ground for the launch of this fall of Apple TV +. Unfortunately, he did not give details about the price of this future video streaming service, but he spoke more about the quality of what he will be. Quality … and not quantity. Apple implemented a few programs to attract subscribers.

The manufacturer was very clear about the subject during the show special event of the month of March, where we saw a (long) star parade with the merits of Apple TV + and its programs. History to raise the sauce, Apple recently launched two trailers: For all men, a series that revisits the race for space exploration, i Mythic Quest: The Raven Banquet, a series of humor in a video game studio.

A priori, therefore, there is no catalog fund for Apple TV +, only original and exclusive content, while Netflix mixes both types of programs. Netflix does too much, check the times ? " I think that's not the way to say so. Your goal is to create lots of content so that there is always something to see, and it works very well Says Eddy Cue. " There is nothing wrong with this model, but it is not ours ".

A non-closing answer leads to the possibility that Apple in turn acquires existing content? The rumor had called Apple's interest in the rights of the series friends. Either way, Eddy Cue accepts that Apple does not have the internal experience to become a name in the field of video content.

" We do not know much about television, except that we are large consumers, but that does not qualify you as an expert Admits " On the other hand, what we know how to do when we do not know an area that interests us is to surround ourselves with the best people "

Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg

This is where Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg enter, two former Sony executives in charge of managing Apple program acquisitions. " One of the great things with Jamie and Zack is that they know very well Says Eddy Cue. The Morning Show, another sealed series of Apple TV + with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, will therefore give the quality bar very, very high.

Evidently, tastes and colors are not discussed, but they will judge these series in pieces. Planet of applications i Car shared with karaoke, the first two content created by Apple – without Jamie or Zack – have not been really frankly successful. But, obviously, Eddy Cue is a fanatic: " I saw Carpool Karaoke more often than Game of Thrones He says.

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