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Fantastic Animals, Tickling, Suspiria … Movies to see or avoid this week


VIDEO – Continuation of the adventure of Albus Dumbledore, Fighting women to overcome the memory of the sexual abuse from which she was victimized, the return of the dancer Susie Bannion 41 years after the film Darius Argento … What must you go to the cinema this week? Selection and advice of editorial staff figaro.

Let me see

Runningdrama Andrea Bescond and Eric Metajer, 1h43.

Actress Andre Bescond is portrayed on the screen, along with her companion Eric Metaier, only in the scene he played dozens of times. This is his story. Brutal. Odette, a girl who is a victim of sexual abuse by her family's friends. Young Cirille Mairesse continues her role. Karin Viard and Clovis Cornillac play their parents, blind for the actions of Pierre Deladonchamps. "After puberty, Odette is no longer interested in. In the meantime, a delicate predator, he knows how to be convinced:" I thought you liked, tickle, "writes Etienne Sorin, and Andrea Bescond does not save her. life. "He admits in dance, minimizes the facts and" despite the impurities, or because of this, the body must give up. "

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My dear child, drama Mohammed Ben Attia, 1:44.

Sami, who played Zakaria Ben Aiied, will soon go to Buc in his city of Tunisia. But it's not good. It has headaches, vomiting. His parents, concerned, pay the necessary care to make him feel better. Until the day they disappear. Without giving any news. Sami went to Syria. u My dear child, Mohamed Dhrif is a desperate father who goes out in search of a son, regardless of price. "The subject is eternal, Mohamed Ben Attia treats him with extreme modesty (…) Accident does not require loud screaming, Eric Neuhoff's details, which could have happened everywhere except in Tunisia, it's not a matter of adopting a political point of view, explaining the reasons. a thousand times stronger. "

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suspiria, experimental horror Luca Guadagnino, 2:32.

In 1977, Dario Argento broke the codes with his film Suspiria. Susie, played by Jessica Harper, joined the night dance school in Friborg, Switzerland. Forty-one years later, Luca Guadagnino is watching this film again about horrors. New Susie, played by Dakota Johnson, reveals the secrets of her company. The Italian director enjoys five stars: Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc, Mia Goth as Sara, or promising Chloe Grace Moretz as Patricia. "In several flash units (…), suspiria suggests that there are darker forces at work, the details of Constance Jamet. These manifest themselves in the animal's energy that dancers display. (…) There are no spells and incantations here, but hypnotic and brutal avant-garde choreography. "

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Fantastic Animals: The Gindelwald Crimes, David Jates Fantasy, 2:14.

Specialist of fantastic animals, Norbert Dragonneau, played by Eddie Redmaine, returned two years after the first tranche of the saga. In addition to Tina Goldstein, his sister Kueenie and Jacob Kovalski, he will have to stop the evil wizard Grindelwald, who Johnny Depp played in great form. The Quartet explores the streets of Paris in 1927, between the Eiffel Tower and Pera-Lahajze. "What's especially interesting Crimes of Grindelwald These are well-written results of such symbols as young Albus Dambldore, incarnated with the conviction of Judas Lava, writes Olivier Delcroik. Spectacular visual fireworks, this second part risks being set up as one of the best blockbusters in 2018. "

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The first solitude, Documentary Claire Simon, 1h40.

"This is a portrait of the age of life: 16-18 years." The director Claire Simon follows the students of the high school, Evra, in their relationships. Participates in discussions, whether about young love affairs or family problems. Age in which one feels alone. "Students in conversation about the movie class are interrogating themselves about their lives, where a lonely tone dominates." "There are many divorced children who have become accustomed to themselves," says Marie-Noelle Tranchant, "because of their childhood experiences of discretionary gravity." from the content of the teen movie, the way of their trust draws us far into an intimate experience. An extraordinary film of precision, sincerity, modesty and depth. "

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We see

Guard, Sofia Dupuis drama, 1h27.

JP, played by Jean-Simon Leduc, and his younger brother Vincent, played by Theodore Pellerin, are two asses. They rule over Verdun, the district of Montreal, and work for their uncle. JP and Vincent live in the same apartment, with their alcoholic mother and Mel, elderly fiancé. She tends to be better, but it's difficult to get out of such an intense family. "A frequently shot camera on the shoulder between the four walls of the apartment, the characters follow the road that seems to be drawn and announces the inevitable end, reveals Nathalie Simon." Sophie Dupuis has organized her little tragedy with the help of her hand. family unit. "

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To avoid it

Millennium: What does not kill me, thriller Federa Alvareza, 1h56.

The new adaptation of the novel of crime by Swedish writer Stacy Larson leads Fede Alvarez. Claire Foi takes over as Lisbeth Salander. Researcher Frans Balder is contacting a mysterious woman to recover nuclear weapons control software. Lisbeth will advocate for her longtime friend, journalist Mikael Blomkvist, to help him. "Fede Alvarez comes from a film of horror, and it may be that a certain technical skill is enough for the satisfaction of the genre of the genre cinema," says Marie-Noelle Tranchant, but she struggles to "reconstruct the story diffracted by the director." She agrees, however, at one point: the talent of Claire Foi, "childish and angry, enigmatic and magnetic".

Millennium: What does not kill me [VF] [Bande annonce] – Watch Figaro Live

Sami, young people in Lapland, Drama Amanda Kernel, 1h50.

That Marja, played by Lena Cecilia Sparrok, has the origins of the autochthonous reindeer in northern Sweden. She is only 14 years old and is facing the racism of her friends of the thirties of the last century. In order to confirm, she decided to emancipate her. Break his ties with his family to continue his studies in Uppsala, near Stockholm. "Amanda Kernell is tracing the unknown period of Swedish colonial history through the eyes of a child, violent or edited," says Nathalie Simon.

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Sami, young people in Lapland [VOST] [Bande annonce] – Watch Figaro Live

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