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Focus on kefir: a drink with thousand virtues


Little by little Kefir finds his place in the diet of the French worried about his health. Known for its many benefits, this drink is considered superfood. Why madness The writing of So hey decipher this phenomenon.

The "Caucasian champagne"

Originally from the Caucasus, kefir was used to cure diseases and prevent aging. This millennial drink comes from the fermentation of milk or fruit juice. It is prepared using "kefir grain": a yeast of bacteria and lactic acid yeast. The drink obtained thus is, therefore, slightly gaseous, it even nicknamed " Caucasian champagne Due to its taste and its slightly golden color!

What are the advantages?

Recognized for its depurative and digestive properties: kefir is not active! It is a so-called probiotic drink, which is why it has several trace elements and microorganisms. Therefore, Kefir is valued for its dietary properties. In fact, recent discoveries around the micro-biota invite us to consume more fermented foods and beverages that are allied to our intestinal flora. Juliette Addesso, naturopath in Ardèche and a living kitchen specialist: "Kefir emanates from a bacterial development that nourishes our intestinal flora yourself conditions our immunity "

Kefir grains are formed by yeasts and bacteria that look translucent. That's why nicknamed "Japanese crystals" are called. © Kefiralimentoprobiotico.blogspot.com

In fact, our flora is made up of billions of bacteria, good and bad. To strengthen it, it has to repopulate good bacteria capable of taking the wrong. This is the principle of probiotics that are in the form of food supplements in pharmacy or in fermented foods, such as yoghurt or sauerkraut. These probiotics can improve the digestive process and, therefore, have a better digestive comfort. Complete Juliette Addesso: "The intestinal flora is very important because it affects our states of mind and emotions."

No kefir without … kefir grain

Also called " Japanese crystal Kefir grains are formed by yeasts and bacteria that look translucent. It increases in size and number when put in contact with sugar water. What if! They have the ability to reproduce.

It's easy to get great Kefir in organic stores or on the Internet. It takes about 20 euros for 15 grams. It is also very common to get it with your friends because kefir is generated at full speed.

Kefir probiotics help to improve the digestive process. © Graindekefir.fr

To have a drink, it's easy: just leave the kefir grains in a glass jar with water and add sugar. "We have to choose the organic sugar and the least refining possible" says Juliette Addesso. Small Kefir beans, in contact with sugar, multiply and produce a little acid and gases.

Just add nuts, acid fruits (such as lemon) and flavor with ginger or mint. " Then, let ferment for a few days, at room temperature and refugees of light, explains the naturopath. After a few days, the water will become slightly sparkling and cold. A delight!

It is important to monitor fermentation: fermented enough, kefir tends to be sweet, since bacteria have not had time to transform everything after 3 days, it is slightly alcoholic (1 to 2%) and it explodes more.

Kefir is a drink full of virtues! It has depurative, digestive properties and can also give a real boost to the body. 100% natural, this super-drink is ultra easy to make! So, ready to try?

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